Founded in 1994, SynTech Computer Limited is a total computer solutions company. Providing a wide range of computer and networking solutions and products, software development and implementation, as
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫先城電腦有限公司

AZONIC SOLUTION Ltd., formerly known as CDMA Technology Laboratory Ltd., was founded in 1999 by graudate students and instructors majoring in computer science. With combined experienced accumulated I
A手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫AZONIC SOLUTION Ltd.

Sony Playstation 5 Digital/Disc Gaming Console

炫創(香港)有限公司專注爲不同界別的客戶提供優質可靠的方案。 我們的服務: ​ 地材方案 石塑地板、卡扣式防水地板、PVC卷材地板、膠地板、方塊地毯、滿鋪地毯、戶外地材、環氧樹脂地台等 ​ 活動屏風方案 活動隔音屏風、隔音玻璃間隔、隔音屏風、間隔屏風、趟接門、戶外摺門等

Collector Wings Shop Limited 香港模型品牌 (香港飛機模型店 Hong Kong Airplane Model Shop) / 旺角先達廣場2樓S33號舖 國泰飛機模型 港龍飛機模型 最低75折優惠 25% off 民航機 1:400 /1:200 稀有模型 最新廠牌飛機模型 Brand New & Rare Diecast Airplane Models JC Win
消閒及娛樂 / 玩具、模型及首辦收藏家飛機模型店有限公司

Who we are? A World Class Environmental and Health-care Products' Distributor. The core business focuses mainly on distributorship and marketing of various environmental and health care consumer &amp

Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, offering the widest range of products and services that allow individuals and companies to work however, wherever, and whenever the

Our products are designed and produced by our R&D professionals. We carry out all the production steps in our own plant in China. Customers' own design and OEM products are mostly welcome. Also w
P結婚 / 婚戒鑽飾Promise Gift 誠諾禮品公司

CASH Group (the holding company Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited “CASH”; SEHK: 1049) is a multi-faceted service conglomerate that addresses modern consumer needs in investment and wealth ma
C商業 / 會社、組織及團體Cash Frederick Taylor

專業為學校政府部門大中小企業免費回收四電一腦回收各種電子產品,電腦大機SEVER 伺服器,毀滅處理,廠商存貨.

專業為學校政府部門大中小企業免費回收四電一腦回收各種電子產品,電腦大機SEVER 伺服器,毀滅處理,廠商存貨.

日間船河 - 水上活動包括大型吹氣船尾滑梯 , 充氣三角形滑梯 , 水上充氣陀螺 , 水上遙遙板 , 水上彈跳床 , 水上飛碟 , 水上火箭 , 360 度飛船 , 香蕉船 , 獨木舟 , 直立板,wakeboard , wakesurf 等 。
消閒及娛樂 / 私人廚房Endura Products Company Ltd

出售从欧洲和英国订购的任何商品。送货上门! 各种各样的产品和公司。他们中的几个 Companies Dior Gucci Dolce Gabbana Van cleef Cartier Rolex 等品牌 产品展示 手袋 服装 珠宝和宝石 配饰 我们将为您找到您想要的最稀有和最独特的产品 另外,如果您愿意,我们可以降低商品成本,在包裹上注明成本降低了10-90倍。应您的要求。 价值超过50,

吊運 吊雞車 吊車公司 吊車搬運 吊機腳墊 吊索起重工具 日間服務 假期照常 電話:9839 6136 (李先生/鄭小姐) 電郵: [email protected]
K商業 / 重型運輸Kent Lee

LIMAC cnc cutting machine for pre insulated duct making LIMAC makes cnc machines for the fabrication of pre-insulated duct, PI duct, PIR duct, PU duct, phenolic foam duct, aluminum foil phenolic compo

智務所 ( 是你的虛擬辦公室和電子商貿一站形式解決方案o 我們的服務範圍包括成立香港及海外有限公司,公司秘書,註冊地址,會計,稅務,免費會計系統,網上信用咭收款係統,網頁設計,網站寄存,等等。"高效的服務,合理的價格" - 憑藉各員工的專業技術和經驗, 我們確保能為客戶提供最佳的服務質素。

提供最新的技術。 我們強調挑戰,並以新的熱情開展每個項目。 我們始終堅持對質量和及時交付的承諾。 Achiever Solutions helps business start-ups, mid-sized companies and global masters to revamp processes in insightful manner,
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