WE OFFERPROFESSIONALCGIADfor the internet, TV, and morewith a practical budget, around HKD$6,000 per Ad. MOVINPIX Company Limited is an approaching next generarion studio of TV commercial, music vide

Funeral Flower-Deluxe 9102 In Stock US$140.00 Funeral Flower-Deluxe 9104 In Stock US$140.00 Funeral Flower-Deluxe 9105 In Stock US$140.00 Funeral Flower-Premium 9108 In Stock US$205.00 Funeral Flower
B鮮花及禮籃 / 帛事鮮花Bloem Art Flower Shop Ltd

Founded and established in 1992 by the Kwok family. Specializing in reproduction of antique monochromes porcelain such as Oxblood glaze and Dark Blue Glaze, which are both in popular demand in the Mi

Surgery At Ninelives we offer a full surgical service *with state of the art monitoring equipment. Prior to any surgery it is our policy to run a pre-anaesthetic blood panel on our ISTAT machine whic
9寵物 / 獸醫9 Lives Cat Hospital

Creature Comforts is a fully equipped Veterinary Housecall Practice. Operating in a custom designed vehicle and with the backing of our own state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, Creature Comforts can
C寵物 / 獸醫Creature Comforts

Business operations are very complicated today impelling specific application functions and features becoming more and more demanding. Nevertheless, ready-made software applications may not fulfill a

Highly experienced fashion stylist for magazines and advertising, Services provided; - fashion styling for magazines, advertising, prints, films, TVCs etc. - personal shopping, - image consulting, -
u美容 / 形象顧問unknownfactorz workshop

Creative Screenplay Club( 創意劇作會 ) 舉辦第一屆創意劇本比賽 參賽細則: 參加者需創作一份劇本,字數最少 2,000 字 題材不限 內容要有創意,發揮原創力量 可以加插圖片、照片作說明 參賽可以個人或小組名義,人數自行決定。 1 月將有頒獎禮及優勝作品演出,獎品豐富。 歡迎將參賽作品的檔案,並連同個人 / 小組成員的姓名及聯絡電話,電郵至 Creative Scre
B攝影及影音 / 節目及活動Berry Art Agency

About Lo Wu Saddle Club Lo Wu Saddle Club is largest independent riding school in Hong Kong. Located at Ho Sheung Heung, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Lo Wu has a long and proud history . Formerly a
L寵物 / 會社、組織及團體Lo Wu Saddle Club

南風發展有限公司 於 1978 年成立以來,積極發展花卉園藝服務,提供優質月租植物及保養,亦為顧客設計及佈置園林。每年由美國入口聖誕樹,聖誕花及經銷農曆年桃花桔果。 Since its establishment in 1978, Nam Fung Development Ltd. has been providing excellent nursery services, for retail
N鮮花及禮籃 / 園藝及盆栽Nam Fung Development Ltd.

婚禮佈置課程 請到以下網站看更多詳細資料 佈置設計課程 (採用絲花) (1) 課程分為兩部分 [第一部分:理論及草圖設計] : [第二部分:物料運用] (2) 全期共二十堂(每堂兩小時) (3) 學員必須略董電腦 全期費用港幣10,000元 完成課程後可參加本店考試一次(免費) 成績卓越者有機會取綠為本店布置員工 花球設計課程 鮮花布置課程(必須完成花藝課程) (全期10堂)(全期20堂 ::
鮮花及禮籃 / 花藝課程蝶藝軒花店

婚禮花用品 ~ 需提前訂購 襟花(最少7天前訂購) 手腕花(最少7天前訂購) 新娘花球(最少14天前訂購) 11月新產品 蝶藝軒花店 Art in Flower Co . www.artinflower.com.hk 我們是一間專業的花店及花藝設計學校 本公司是一間花藝創新及設有教室的花藝中心 , 導師及設計師皆是世界花卉會 ( 香港分會 ) 成員 , 導師更是在荷蘭留學回港工作 , 花藝風格是
鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球蝶藝軒花店

OVO GARDEN is a new attempt by OVO to promote stylish home décor that embraces the breath of nature. We carry an array of imported fresh flowers and plants, along with exquisitely designed acc

靈氣介紹 初級 靈氣( Reiki One ) 初級靈氣是開啟及啟動靈氣能量管道的基礎班,透過「初級靈氣灌頂」( Reiki One Attunements ),靈氣大師會首次貫通學員的靈氣能量管道,啟動學員成為靈氣能量的導體,透過大量的練習,讓學習者體驗及熟習靈氣的使用。課程中並會介紹靈氣的歷史、由來、原理、人體脈輪系統、靜坐冥想、氣場掃瞄、治療方法和不同部位的按手位置等,使學員能運用靈氣,替
消閒及娛樂 / 興趣班國際自然能量幸福中心
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