Dear Coffee & Bakery 餐廳位於大圍田心街20-30號雲疊花園商場地下層7號舖

DEAR FOR DOG 位於九龍城區的寵物店九龍何文田自由道6-8號新麟閣地下C1號鋪

Dear Neighbor 餐廳位於西環石塘咀保德街9-15號仁愛苑地舖

韓國人氣雲石彩妝品牌 Dear Dahlia 受年輕人追捧的大理石設計、具設計感的包裝融合內在細緻的質地讓人愛不釋手
s買賣及批發 / 美容stay tuned

現凡新舊客戶到各區 My Dear Pet Square 寵物美容專門店惠顧任何寵物美容服務 , 均可以半價(原價$120~$200)之寵物碳酸泉Spa服務. (只限小型至中型犬種).
寵物 / 寵物美容My Dear Pet Square 多樂寵物美容用品專門店

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S鮮花及禮籃 / 花店Singaporehampers

念相親殯儀花公司 Miss you dear Funeral flowers Co. 專業提供:殯儀花牌、花籃、花圈。 帛事 、悼念、喪禮、白事 、喪事、殯儀、一站式善終服務

念相親殯儀花公司 Miss you dear Funeral flowers Co. 專業提供:殯儀花牌、花籃、花圈。 帛事 、悼念、喪禮、白事 、喪事、殯儀、一站式善終服務

I've been educated in both English and French for about 20 years in Canada. FREE assessment! Come learn how to read and write English with Miss Ada! :)

想彈近期最 hit 樂曲 ? 抑或懷舊金曲 ? 甚至日常生活聽到嘅音樂 ? 苦惱搵唔到琴譜 ? 或者搵到嘅琴譜過於簡單 甚至錯漏百出 ? 彈咗一排流行曲 覺得用嘅 chord 唔夠豐富 ? 伴奏 pattern 千篇一律 ? 想節奏感更強 ? Klafmann 流行鋼琴課程同所編寫琴譜 保証令你耳目一新 大開眼界

Pro. Science/Lab Teacher with more than 20 yrs teaching experience in HK, can do in zoom.; worked as Lab Mgr of a big westerner lab for more than 5 yrs in Tor.  University & High School studies in CA.
m教學進修 / 補習monkeyshanshan

Blossoms let people convey their words to their desired ones with all the emotional ferment.
A鮮花及禮籃 / 花店Aesha Qureshi

Qualified in teaching various aspects of English such as phonics, grammar, exam prep, interview prep, presentation skills, creative writing, public speaking and several others.

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There are various kinds of Gift found in the tedious market which have many importance and significance. Present is the best part of each and every celebration. Flower is supposed to be the wonderful
W商業 / 商業優惠Worldbloom
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