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★★​WhatsApp: ​9516 7007 ★ 西貢船P遊船河​​9月平日特價​​HK$2200​​​​​​★★ 花式滑水 Wakeboard 香蕉船 Banana Boat 充氣彈床

我們於西貢(Sai Kung)提供遊艇(Yacht)及快艇(Speed Boat)租賃服務(Rental Service) 可遊船河(Boating)、生日派對(Birthday Party)、夜釣墨魚(Fishing),並附設水上活動(Watersports) 包括: 香蕉船(Banana Boat)、水上飛碟(Ski Tube)、花式滑水(Wakeboard)等等 另有: 獨木舟(Kay

★★WhatsApp: 5432 402O西貢船P遊船河 夜釣墨魚 西式遊艇★★ 花式滑水 Wakeboard 香蕉船 Banana Boat 高速飛碟 Ski Tube 充氣彈床 水上浮墊 水上活動

我們於西貢(Sai Kung)提供西式遊艇(Yacht)及快艇(Speed Boat)租賃服務(Rental Service) 可遊船河(Boating)及夜釣墨魚魷魚(Fishing),並附設水上活動(Watersports) 包括: 香蕉船(Banana Boat)、水上飛碟(Ski Tube)、花式滑水(Wakeboard)等等 WhatsApp: (852) 5432 4020

we have devoted our human resources and technology to create superior products with better values.

Our integrity is to provide the most reliable products for our customers with exceptional price. We believe our success are dependent on our customers' satisfaction.
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