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JS DESIGN WEDDING WORKSHOP I Wedding Invitation Card I Wedding LOGO I Thank you Card I Backdrop

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JS Design Wedding Workshop
At JS Design Wedding Workshop, We offer a fully personalized,
professional design and maintenance services.
We provide a comprehensive range of Wedding Design and
marketing communications services - including Wedding invitations,
Thank you cards, Save the dates, Wedding Logo, Hanging gift Tag,
Coasters and Backdrop design, etc.
We will be looking forward to seeing your pictures to create your own wedding invitation card!


設計上我們可按照客人的不同需求, 我們提供各式主題婚禮設計,

包括婚禮邀請卡, 簽名板, 個人婚禮LOGO及Backdrop等。

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Contact us/聯絡我們:

Email/電郵: [email protected]

Instagram: jsdesignwed

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