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Recommended shops for renting wedding dresses in Hong Kong

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Bride Sweet Wedding is the agent of many European and American wedding dress brands, and the brand it represents is one of the top fifteen wedding dress brands in the world. Our exclusive Asian tailoring series has always been loved by Hong Kong brides!

Brands include:
•Justin Alexander Singature
•Justin Alexander
•Sincerity Bridal
•Lillian West
•La Sposa by Pronovias
•Ida Torez
•Pollardi Bridal
•White April by Cizzy Bridal
•Is My Party by Pronovias

Seductive. Sophisticated. Refined.Continuing to meet the demand for classic style and romantic details, Bride Sweet Wedding offers contemporary bridal gown.

Won the 2020 Wedding Magazine Awards "Star Wedding Dress - Best Brand"
2016 Wedding Magazine Awards - Referendum "My Favorite Wedding Dress Award"
2015-2016 Won the Wedding Magazine Awards "Star Wedding Dress - Best Brand Award"

Bride Sweet Wedding
Mon.-Sun.12:00-20:00(by Appointment Only)
WhatsApp:+852 2882 8106
Email:[email protected]


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