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Since 2009, Vencazi has striked to provide the best services and the prettiest products to customers round the global.

Vencazi is a new word created with 'VEN' & 'CAZI' (pronounced as ven'ka:zi) for symbolizing the 'cast' of a series of elegant products named with 'Ven', short form for venerable.

We specialized in the Original Design Manufacturing project especially on the Antique Style Writing Set, Signet Collection, Gift, Promotional Items, Souvenirs, Silver/Gold Jewelry.

In 2011, Vencazi started to provide services on Event Décor. We have a team of professionals experienced in Floral Arrangements, Stage Settings, and Event Organizing. We understand your ideas and thoughts are always unique and distinctive from others. Simply express your ideas to us, and just leave the rest to us. We are sure you will love the outcome more than just satisfication.

Harmonized with Natural & Handiness item;
Combined with Modern & Classical.
Gift your beloved one with an elegant and special present at the most impressive moment!

Wax Seal
Sealing wax
Pre-ink stamp
Leather Collection

Floral Décor
Table Arrangement
 Invitation Cards
Decorative Stand
 Name Cards
Business Event

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