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Vega Suites

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Vega Suites

The first stylish suite hotel in Kowloon east atop Tseung Kwan O MTR Station with comprehensive transportation network. 九龍東面首間時尚套房酒店,位處將軍澳港鐵站上蓋,坐擁迅捷交通。
An All New Stylish Suite Hotel
Another Sparkling Jewel of a Vibrant Integrated Development

- The first stylish suite hotel in Kowloon east, redefining contemporary chic.
- Stylish interior design complemented by hotel amenities and services.
- Lustrous selection of units - Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom with flexible staying term
- Located in the all-encompassing landmark development also comprising the luxury residence The Wings and two international hotels.
- Situated directly above the trendy PopCorn mall, also connected to one million square feet of shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment.
- Atop the Tseung Kwan O MTR Station, Island East and Kowloon East only 3 MTR stations away.
- Strategically located, enjoying close proximity to the commercial hub of Island East and Kowloon East.

全新時尚精品套房酒店 成就劃時代綜合發展地標

- 九龍東首間時尚精品套房酒店 品味生活極致時尚
- 精心設計五星級配套 超然享受一應俱全
- 設開放式、一房、兩房及三房單位,靈活住宿計劃自由選擇。
- 與國際級商務酒店及極級豪宅「天晉」打造耀目綜合發展地標
- 時尚購物商場Popcorn作基座 兼享約100萬呎消閒娛樂空間
- 雄踞將軍澳港鐵站上蓋 三站直達港島東及九龍東
- 瞬間直達港島東及九龍東商業核心 優越地利無可媲美
General information

The world watched in awe when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
People have since pondered upon the galaxy for a perfect living space.
In 2012, witness the emergence of a rising star.
Vega Suites, a stylish suite hotel redefining contemporary chic.
Designed by renowned Philip Liao in an embodiment of style and elegance.

Encompassed by panoramic mountain and sea views,
in a fusion of natural beauty and vibrancy of the city.
In close proximity to a new commercial hub and PopCorn Mall.
Amidst the dazzling reflections filled with an insouciant air.
Let a life of splendour begin in the company of stars.

酒店內外經著名設計師Philip Liao匠心設計,演繹現代風格。
鄰接享樂雲集的PopCorn Mall,靠近香港新商業樞紐,優勢盡享。

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