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Pair of "Bride & Groom" Silver -Plated Wedding Champagne Flutes  (Free engraving service)

[禮盒套裝] "Bride & Groom"925 電銀香檳杯套裝 (附送免費鐳射刻名)

杯身Size: 24cm ( Height)
物料Material : 鍍銀 925 silver plated
價目Price :  HK$800.- / 每對 Pair    * 可另加HK400 另配個人化玫瑰木禮盒配銅片刻字服務。


* 每份的心意都是與別不同,鐳射刻名服務為閣下的禮物賦予獨特性;

* Make your gift unique, laser engraving is the best choice to personlized your gift;

* 每對香檳杯均會獨立雕製,將新娘新郎名字及結婚日期分別刻於925鍍銀的杯面上;

* Every glass are custom engraved - Name of the Bride & Groom with wedding date onto the silver body.

*  全杯身鍍上925鍍銀,銀光閃閃,回憶永久珍藏;

* The body are frosted certain amount of 925 silver plated - memory never fade away;

* 剛古卡紙絲布禮盒及保養指引;

* Package as Luxury Gift box with care instruction attached;

* 鐳射刻字服務一星期製作,請預早預定,亦接受特快製作;

* Please place your order before 1 week, we also accept urgent order.

* 附有工商區辦工室送貨服務

* Free deliver service to assigned commerical or industrial building address.


Product Description 禮品描述



[溫 馨 提 示:]

* 鐳射雕刻製作時間大概一星期,亦接受特快製作訂購。

Meaningful western cultural wedding keepsake to yourself & beloved! 紀念意義的個人化禮婚禮物

Welcome to contact us : info@merryhomegift.com 或致電 (852) 3578 1535

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