Ivy Law,專業化妝造型師;畢業於 A&V Make-up School、Perfect Stage、TSZ Cosmetics Airbrush Makeup 、Splash Makeup及多間專業化妝造型學校,
曾遠赴台灣深造"台式"髮型、化妝及噴槍化妝等技巧。她以十年新娘造型設計經驗, 設計出華美與實用兼備的各款造型,均獲無數新娘子所樂用。

Ivy 不但化妝造型經驗豐富,亦熱心教學,栽培新晋;其門下學員至今已逾百人。


Ivy 亦經常參予各種 Fashion Show,廣告,舞台劇,Over sea pre-wedding及各大報章雜誌之造型工作。

其作品亦常見於東方日報,星島日報,太陽日報,明報, Amy Magazine,東方新地,東Touch, Wedding Magazine,新婚通訊等;而曾合作的藝人及模特兒包括Amanda S,江欣燕,森美,郭芯其,女子十二樂坊,宋芝齡,李嘉慧等。

5/F, 110 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

香港上環蘇杭街 110 號 5 字樓(地鐵 A2 出口)

Tel : 6016-4199

E-mail : makeup@ivylaw.net

Websit : www.ivylaw.net

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Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling Plans


ARegistration styling12.53,300
BMorning and Evening (before banquet)244,800
CWhole Eveningunlimited76,300
DMorning and Evening (whole banquet)1 style in morning and unlimited in evening2.5 hours for morning and 6 hours for banquet8,200
EMorning, Afternoon and Evening (whole banquet)

1 style in morning, 1 style in afternoon and unlimited in evening

2.5 hours for morning,
1.5 hours for afternoon and
6 hours for banquet

FWhole dayunlimited1511,600

* For airbrush makeup, an additional HKD500 surcharge applies.

A La Carte Makeup and Hair Styling

For bridesmaids, sister groups, parents, attendants, relatives, etc. Price quoted per person.


1-2 people3-4 people5 or moreArtist
Makeup and hair styling800700600by Ivy
500450400by Associate
Makeup600500400by Ivy
350300250by Associate
Hair styling300250200by Ivy
250200200by Associate
Touch up for makeup or hair styling100100100by Ivy
100100100by Associate
Touch up for makeup and hair styling150150150by Ivy
150150150by Associate

Please note, the following applies to all bridal and a la carte services:

1.  To confirm your booking, a 70% deposit of the total cost is required. Please remit deposit into Hong Kong Bank a/c: 026-8-047362 Remaining balance to be remitted at wedding day (date of service). CASH ONLY.

2. Deposit paid for confirmed booking is neither refundable nor transferable towards other services. A new service booking and quotation applies to any changes or rebookings. The number of services/people can not be decreased on a confirmed booking and the deposit for unused services cannot be used to pay for the remaining balance.

3. A minimum charge of HKD2000 applies for a la carte services purchased without a bridal plan.

4. Over time charges: HKD500 per 30mins

5. Taxi fare (single way) applies to each stylist for all Bridal and A La Carte plans.

6. Return Taxi fare applies during "Black" Rainstorm Warning or Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above.

7. All tools and cosmetics are strictly NOT available for lending.

8. Deposit is required for all rental items (including but not limited to headpieces, jewelry, accessories, etc.) that cannot be return on day of service. Deposit will only be refunded upon return of all rental items.

9. Full price will be charged should there be any loss or damage to any rental items (including but not limited to headpieces, jewelry, accessories, etc.).


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