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IAPA - travel insurance and benefits for just US$99

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“I’m a frequent flyer – I want the best rates on insurance, hotel, car rentals, and flights.”
“I’d like compensation when my bags have been lost or delayed ”

“The world’s a dangerous place. Can I get extra security if I need it?”
Can I save time & money on my business travel?
 No problem!

 With over 45 years’ travel experience, IAPA (International Airline Passengers Association) pride ourselves on meeting the needs of the frequent flyer more comprehensively than any other organization. As an IAPA member you’ll enjoy:

 - Up to US$500,000 Travel Accident Cover including Scheduled Flight, Public Transport and Trip Accident Insurance.
IAPA Travel Insurance pays in the event of a serious accident or death or in addition to any other insurance policy you may hold. It even provides cover for accidents caused by terrorist activity(1).
 - FREE Baggage Insurance with up to US$900 in compensation for lost or delayed bags.
FREE Car Rental Insurance – with excess reimbursement of up to US$5,400.
Best available rates on hotel bookings GUARANTEED at 20,000 hotels.
Competitive car rental and flight rates.
 - Exclusive hotel and car rental upgrades and special offers.
FREE International Mobile SIM Card – save 80% off your roaming bills.
FREE Mileage Junkie™ – get the most out of your airline miles.
 - Easy-to-use online comparison and booking site

Plus a host of other benefits -
  • Flight status updates
  • Aircraft seating plans
  • Destination information
  • 25% discount on VIP lounge access
  • TravelPlan giving you comprehensive global flight timetables
  • Cheap and secure Wi-Fi Global Access
  • Free IAPA Card-Protector
  • Technology “RoughGuide” giving you advice and money saving tips on staying in touch for less
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Join IAPA at www.iapa.com from just US$99 today, save up to 50% off for the first year membership and enjoy unrivalled savings and protection on your next trip!    

(1) excludes acts of terrorism arising from nuclear, biological or chemical weapons of m*** destruction.   

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