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AOC Insurance Broker Schengen Visa

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AOC Insurance Broker is an international insurance brokerage company based in Paris and Bangkok, specialist of Asia (Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia etc ...), AOC Insurance Broker offers its customers, of all nationalites, travel insurance, emergency medical insurance and assistance, medical evacuation and repatriation, without limits and dedicated for Schengen Visa. Secure payment can be made online by credit card via the main website http://www.aoc-insurancebroker.com and its secondary sites, http://www.insuranceschengen.com or http://www.assurance-schengen.com.

What is the Schengen area?

Since 14 June 1985, the "Schengen area" means the territory formed by the fifteen countries that have acceded to the Schengen Agreement (Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Iceland , Greece, France, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Germany).
In 2008, some new countries have joined the Schengen area: Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland).
It is important to note that all European Union countries are not covered by the Schengen agreements (Island and Norway are among those countries).
The Schengen Agreement has the objective of free movement for persons inside the Schengen area. So therefore the Schengen visa issued by a member of the Schengen Agreement is valid throughout the Schengen area. It is issued for stays up to 90 days per semester.
Any foreign national legally resident in _disibledevent="on">Member State if he holds a valid passport recognized by all Schengen states and a residence permit issued by the authorities of the country of residence.
Why insurance for Schengen visa?

Since 1 June 2004, the Schengen visa applicant has to take an insurance covering the costs of repatriation and medical expenses up to 30 000.
Here is an extract from the decision of the European Union:
… In addition, in support of his application for visa or travel, the applicant must prove that he owns, individually or collectively, an appropriate and valid travel insurance covering any costs of repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and / or emergency hospital treatment.
Applicants should in principle underwrite insurance in their state of residence. Where this is not possible, they should seek to obtain insurance in any other country. If the host underwrites insurance for the applicant, he should do in his own home state.
The insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the Member States fully implementing the provisions of the Schengen agreement and for the duration of stay of the person concerned. The minimum coverage is 30 000 euros…
AOC Insurance Broker with its interactive tool in French and English bring to international customers in friendliness from requirements up to the solution and the transparency with immediate access to all schedules of benefits, general conditions downloadable online.
The certificate of insurance and the terms of the contract are available immediately after secure _disibledevent="on">Thailand).

For example:
A single term journey of 21 days costs $33, or 25 euros.
Travel over a duration of 365 days costs $ 146, or 117 euros.

It takes only a few minutes to get the certificate of insurance for Schengen visa.
AOC Insurance Broker responds to quotations requests for clients, and give the best insurance choice to make in terms of travel, destination and duration, with attractive and competitive solutions for yearly or temporary stays in Europe. AOC Insurance Broker, is defined by a phrase that has become our slogan: "The mastery of knowledge, the effectiveness of know how." AOC Insurance Broker - Wherever you are, we will cover.
Website : http://www.aoc-insurancebroker.com - http://www.insuranceschengen.com or for informations [email protected] 


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