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Wolfman Jack Entertainment

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Wolfman Jack Entertainment

Wolfman Jack Entertainment Ltd., a company located in the U.S., has achieved and established its name and successful reputation, for promoting concerts and booking artists.

Wolfman Jack Entertainment was founded in 1986 by Tod Weston Smith at the urging of his father, the legendary radio personality, Wolfman Jack. Mr Smith formed WJ Entertainment with one goal in mind: to supply quality entertainment and make it uncomplicated.

The company has now expanded to Hong Kong, and will continue to meet the high standards it has set in promoting concerts and booking sensational artists, in the Adult Contemporary genre of music.

Wolfman Jack (1938 - 1995)

"When I was growing up, kids all across America tuned in to the mysterious Wolfman Jack. He played an important role in my teenage years, and I was honored to have him play a pivotal role in American Graffiti."

-- George Lucas

Born Robert Weston Smith in Brookyn, NY, he went on to carve himself a special place in show-business history with the creation of a unique and myterious on-air character inspired by radio renegades of the 1950s.

For a few years Smith was able to keep the Wolfman a wonderful secret while broadcasting from XERF, a Mexican radio station working on an astounding 250,000 watts. That power brought Wolfman's charismatic personality to every city, town and hamlet throughout North America.

While broadcasting via Mexican stations Wolfman's programs became a part of many lives. Young film maker George Lucas made Wolfman's influence on a whole generation felt when Lucas wrote him in as a major player in the hit film American Graffiti.

From then on the once-mysterious face became one of the most recognizable on the planet and Wolfman Jack went on to appear in features and television movies, as well as becoming the host of the 1970's rock'n roll classic network-TV show, The Midnight Special.

Thousands of hours Wolfman's special brand of programming have been heard over the last three decades in syndication, including around the world broadcast on Armed Forces Radio and on radio stations with many different formats.

The spirit of Wolfman Jack has made an incredible mark on humanity and will continue to inspire as long as it reverberates through the airwaves.

From the bottom of our heart ...

Through turmoil, paradigm shifts and other instabilities, baby-boomers lead our world by making competitive decisions while armed with a practical and calculated cool. Although they cannot afford to follow their hearts every day, it is the music from seasons ago that serves as their sanctuary.

Since 1986, Wolfman Jack Entertainment has become synonymous with music that is timeless and cherished by concertgoers. The past 11 years in Hong Kong have allowed us to establish an even higher standard of excellence, gaining considerable renown from both the public and media.

Our company is growing at a time when cultural expansion for this city is at the forefront of its priorities. Concerts featuring Internationally Acclaimed Performers stamp our mark of ongoing commitment in bringing the premiere concert experience to you, The Loyal Fan.

Your continuing support serves as a plentiful source of encouragement, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


心 底 說 話 ...



自1986年起,Wolfman Jack Entertainment彷彿便成了經典金曲的代名詞。而在香港成立的11年間,我們累積了不少辦演唱會的經驗,且有幸得到不少中外輿論、傳媒的正面評價。一次又一次的演唱會,都印証著我們致力為音樂愛好者帶來至高享受的決心。


Previous Concerts

Within the past 11 years, Wolfman Jack Entertainment has successfully launched and promoted musical events from ..........

and Sarah Brightman, Engelbert Humperdinck, Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Ventures, Sheena Easton, Brian Hyland, Bobby Goldsboro, Lobo ..........

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