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China Visa Hong Kong Application

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Originally established in 1980 – that specialises in helping foreign nationals process their China Visa Hong Kong Applications. 


Our team has the best connections when it comes to getting visas for China, due to our longstanding relationship with Chinese Immigration.  


Our goal is to eliminate the annoyance and excess expenditure from your visit or residence.Whether you intend to just go for a holiday, or need to obtain a work permit/permanent residence status, as a certified and accredited member of TIC (Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong), we can guarantee the best service in the market.  


China is a land of endless beauty, history and cuisine, but not one which is currently accessible without going through a little ‘red tape’ (eg. no ‘landing’ visas). So, if you would prefer to get there in the soonest, cheapest and most convenient way, then YZ Travel is the right choice for you…

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