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Apartment in Hong Kong Island, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sleeps 10

All eyes gaze on Causeway Bay.

And yet, here on Fashion Walk is a home that may make you forget such glamorous distraction. In fact, you may never even wish to leave.

The whole family will revel in this three bedroom apartment with its bracing Victoria Harbor views, but in an apartment which boasts a 60 inch Samsung TV, Hong Kongs famous Laser show every night at 8pm from your very own private sofa, a fully equipped kitchen with maids room, plenty of space in the bedrooms to enjoy privacy... there is much more to do than stand and stare.

The jet set

Your host, a father of two, is the very definition of a high-flier. He works for an international luxury homes property estate and travels to many an exotic location while doing so.

The full set

The sitting room is a study in sophistication, with its amazing LED pictures on the wall. Take a seat at the dinner table, sprawl on the L-shaped couch, or stand a dream as you admire the view from the light-flooded window. Equally bright and airy is the kitchen, kitted out in grey and white and with every culinary accoutrement you could wish for.

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