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《 專業瑜伽教練 - 空中瑜伽。瑜伽。瑜伽輪》

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更加深入地了解瑜伽及希望以自身經歷將瑜伽帶給身邊朋友,於2014年在啟蒙老師 Patrick Creelman 指導下完成 200小時之瑜伽導師訓練,為增強瑜伽修養及認知,於2016年持續進修,即將成為500小時之瑜伽導師。作為一個瑜伽導師及練習者,我的練習哲學是透過瑜伽式子,逐漸放鬆僵硬的身體,伸展緊縮的肌肉,重新教育關節的使用,再強化全身的氣血循環,循序漸進地讓身體覺醒,幫助自己成為身體的療癒大師。

Those first yoga classes allowed her to have the quiet time needed to begin understanding her body on a deeper level. Began her journey of Yoga in 2010, Yoga has become her passion and lifestyle. Inspired and motivated by the beautiful teachers who continue to and enrich her life, in 2015, under the blessing of Patrick Creelman, she became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. Upon her completion on the first qualification, she also graduated from Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee in the same year. To deepen her studies of yoga, Kitty is currently progressing her 500-hour training with her inspired teacher.

In the aerial yoga hammock as well as the ever-popular yoga mat, she has discovered the freedom in moderation. She found that freedom in her yoga practice, and continues her studies to become certified AntiGravity® instructor in late 2015. 

In Kitty’s aerial class, students will experience a dynamic practice with energetic flow including inversions, flips and core conditioning. Students will also have a comfortable space to get back in touch with their happy place, find the satisfaction in small things in their lives, and feel how precious they are in the universe. She wishes a blissful life to all yoga practitioners and readily shares her positive energy to bolster the spirits of others.


《 瑜伽課堂 | Available Class 》


  • 空中瑜伽 | Aerial Yoga
  • 位瑜伽 | Alignment-Based Yoga
  • 瑜伽輪 | Dharma Yoga Wheel
  • 初學者瑜伽 | Yoga for beginners
  • 哈達瑜伽 |Hatha
  • 流暢瑜伽 |Vinyasa
  • 活力瑜伽 |Power
  • 陰瑜伽 | Yin​

《 地點 | Location 》




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