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swimming trainer swimming coach ( provide Chinese , English ) 游泳 私人 教練 游泳教練 游水教練

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Swimming Coach, Steve Chu, 10+ years experience, Contact No. 6233 1858



Philosophy of Teaching

My name is Steve, with 8 years of experience including being the coach at professional class of swimming clubs in Hong Kong. Different kinds of programs will be provided for students at the age from 0 - 60, all these programs which are designed by me are catered for all ages and levels - whether you are a triathlete, lap (fitness) swimmer, beginner or novice swimmer. Everything I teach is based on drills that are simple and logical with specific sequence for you to master each one with ease.


For beginner, our program focuses on blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, on back/backstroke, front crawl/freestyle, and breathing. For the intermediate students, they are able to start to learning strokes, work on technique, breathing to the side.


Private (1-on-1) are on offer for adults or swimmers with special needs wishing to learn to swim and for adults and competitive swimmers of any age who want to improve their technique of any of the strokes.

Semi-private (1-on-2, 3, 4) lessons


Covering swimming teaching progressions including starts, turns, finishes, rules, fault identification and correction of:







Swimming Teacher - HK Swimming Teachers Association

Pool Lifeguard Award - The Hong Kong Life Saving Society

First Aid - Auxiliary Medical Services

Resistance Training Instructor - Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China  



Private/ Public Swimming Pool


1 on 1 $350/hr

1 on 2 250/ person / hr

1 on 3 200/ person / hr

1 on 4 160/ person / hr

$300 per hour and $500 for 2 hours session. Please feel free to contact me at 62331858 for further discussion.  Thanks



Semi-private lessons can be booked if the 2 or more students book together and are of similar swimming ability (or different level), and the price will be even lesser.


Bookings can be made at your convenience according to availability of instructors, times and pool space and can be taken in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and over weekends. Lessons can be 1 hour or longer.


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