BFit Gym 中環健身室 租場服務 地點及交通便利 (1分鐘到達半山扶手電梯) 健身場地 健身室出租 租場 鏡房 瑜伽場地 時租活動室 瑜伽場地租用 中環租場

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BFit Gym is located in the heart of Central area. It is just behind 100 QRC, where the escalator to Mid-Levels is just footsteps away.

BFit Gym has over 1500 sq feet of total useable size.
It is well equipped with the most advanced model of Matrix machines. BFit Gym’s Founder, who is a freelance trainer with over 10 years of experience, aims to set up an advanced, well-equipped, multi-functional Gym studio for different types of freelance trainers.


Equipment and Facilities;

1.Connexus by Matrix: 適合引體上升,掌上壓,爆炸性擲球訓練,TRX,槓鈴負重訓練等。

Connexus by Matrix: suitable for Chin up, Push-Ups, explosive throwing training, TRX, barbell weight training, etc. 


2.NEW Matrix Smith Machine: 適合各種深蹲,推胸,推膊等負重訓練
Matrix Smith Machine: Newly implemented Smith Machine. Suitable for squat, shoulder press, chest press etc.

Bike: Suitable for warm-up and cardio training

4.Matrix 深蹲架:適合推胸,深蹲, 硬拉
Matrix Half Rack: barbell bench press, squat and deadlift

5.Massfit 啞鈴區:長椅可自行搬走作另類訓練用途。
Massfit Dumbbell area: 3kg-30kg dumbbells. Students can perform various kinds of exercises with the help of suitable dumbbells and benches.

6.Matrix 腿伸展或腿屈機: 可調教成四頭肌或 膕繩肌訓練
Matrix Leg Extension: both machines work seamlessly on Quadriceps and hamstring exercises

7.Matrix 滑輪機:適合任何類型的訓練
Matrix Pully: Suitable for different types of exercises

8.Matrix 腿部推蹬機:主要訓練大腿和小腿肌肉
Matrix Leg Press: mainly focus on hamstring, thighs and calfs

9.Matrix 拉背機:有不同類型的把手,可用作訓練不同的背部肌肉
Matrix Lat Pull Down: With various kinds of handles, Lat pull down helps to train different parts of the Back muscles

Lower back machine: train lower back and Flank muscles

Sit-up bench: Great for upper and lower abs training.

Functional training area: This is a multi-use area that can be transformed for boxing, yoga, pilates, stretching and functional training area.

We have 4 stand-alone changing rooms and a washroom.

Apart from the centralized aircon system, we also have 5 individual split type air cons and a government standard ventilator installed.

12 Individual lockers for students and trainers on a daily use basis
18 small size lockers which are good for storing personal items, shoes and boxing gloves can be rented on a monthly basis

Transportation: MTR – Central Station and Hong Kong Station

巴士:5B, 5X, 10, 37A, 26, 720, 722, 780, 788, 104, 111, 101, 619, 170, 108 etc
Bus: 5B, 5X, 10, 37A, 26, 720, 722, 780, 788, 104, 111, 101, 619, 170, 108 etc


Minibuses/taxi/trams are available too


星期日 06:00 - 23:00
星期一 06:00 - 23:00
星期二 06:00 - 23:00
星期三 06:00 - 23:00
星期四 06:00 - 23:00
星期五 06:00 - 23:00
星期六 06:00 - 23:00
BFit Gym 中環健身室 租場服務 地點及交通便利 (1分鐘到達半山扶手電梯) 健身場地 健身室出租 租場 鏡房 瑜伽場地 時租活動室 瑜伽場地租用 中環租場