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一個8米 X 6米,設有體操地板。
另一個7米 X 4.5米,設有膠墊,鏡。

The studio offers 2 training areas. An 8m x 6m sprung floor and a 7m x 4.5m padded floor with mirrors. The sprung floor is perfect for practicing gymnastics movements and working new tricks, while the mirrored space is ideal for working on forms and choreography.


The studio has an over 14 feet high ceiling, equipped with crash mats, padded foam shapes, and spring boards, so you can practice some of the most difficult tricks on Earth under a safe controlled environment.

Other facilities the studio offers include a sound system, TV monitor, spot lights and dumb bells, suitable for all types of activities. Please feel free to contact us on hiring out the studio for your own training and classes.

荃灣德士古道 62 - 70 號寶業大廈 B 座 2 樓 3Y 室