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"My goals upon starting the programme were: to gain more muscle, lose fat and become more fit. Brandon has been able to help me work toward these goals by: setting up regular schedule to exercise and keeping it up. Also, by introducing different types of workout depending on purposes. Since training with Brandon, I've lost weight sustainably and increased overall fitness including resilience and strength. I have also been able to be back in shape and keep it up. Brandon is a fun trainer to do workout with. His coaching style is not overly aggressive, but very flexible, which can help to customize workout to your fitness needs. I would recommend Brandon to those who would like to take a steady approach for fitness improvement and wellness in a sustainable way and those who are new to workout."



"My goals were to lose weight and keep fit. Brandon has been able to set the programme, monitor my progress and provide professional advice. I have felt much healthier since I started the programme and the biggest tangible changes I have noticed are an increase in energy and an improved cardio. I would describe Brandon as a good-minded, reliable and mature man. His coaching style is flexible, target-oriented and caring.  I would recommend Brandon to anyone at the age from 36 to 45. Brandon has been more than a coach to me, we share a lot of different interests other than fitness training, and I consider him as a good friend of mine."



"My husband and I were looking to lose weight and to find some sort of fitness by starting to do some exercises. Brandon has been able to help us work toward these goals by not making workouts too hard and thereby not turning away newbies like us. Brandon appreciates how hard it is for newbies to start a routine and stick to it, but he has managed to do this by being understanding (and reasonable) in his approach, and obviously his systematic Whataapp reminders on the day prior to each scheduled workout help! The most significant change I have noticed personally is that I now suffer from less (or no) backache (Kaz), and we both have become more cognizant to healthy diet. We would describe Brandon as very responsible, punctual, extremely organized and nice (though he does look very cool from the outside, haha). We would describe Brandon’s coaching style as not the pushy type who turns you off exercising (hence particular great for beginners) but gets the job done."



"I’ve chosen to work with Brandon because I wanted to lose some weight and become fitter. Because of my special physical condition, I can't do very strenuous training. Brandon was able to customize a suitable programme according to my condition and pay special attention to my reaction during the training. He is really thoughtful, patient and kind. I would describe his coaching style as gentle and relaxed. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been an increase in my physical strength."



"My goals were to build up my cardio fitness, improve my muscle strength and boost my metabolism with a view to reducing my body fat level. Brandon has put me through a combination of HIIT and weight training in two to three workout sessions per week over the past two years. As a result, I have noticed a better appetite and an improved cardio fitness due to the regular workouts. Brandon is knowledgeable with good communication skills, sensible and mature with a pleasant personality, and very accommodating of sudden changes to appointments due to my busy schedules. His coaching style is consultative, client-oriented, encouraging and non-pushy but with the appropriate amount of firmness and authority where needed."



"I decided to work with Brandon because I wanted to lose some pounds to reach a healthy BMI level and to regularly take fitness exercise under some professional guidance. Brandon has been able to help me by giving me diet advices and continuously stretching my physical limits step by step on a weekly basis in the past two years, in a patient but serious manner. Brandon is caring, challenging (in a positive manner) and conscientious about his coaching role. Under his practical and client-centered coaching, I have developed a healthier eating habit (low on carbs), lost pounds and now have a nicer-looking physique."