Target Muay Thai Fuitness 有別於一般泰拳班以多人班制練習方式,影響學員練習進度。Target Muay Thai Fitness現實行私人或小組教授模式,不同學習階段的學員不會混集於同一時段練習,令學員可得到更適切、更專業的指導,提高教學質素。


Target Muay Thai Fitness 鄰近灣仔港鐵站,交通方便,包場後可擁有完全私人空間。更可以租用獨立場地作練習或作健身用途。


Target Muay Thai Fitness is differenet from other group Muay Thai courses. Target Muay Thai Fitness provides private and small group training, students in defferent level will not practise in the same time slot, we can priovide a more suitable and professional training to our students.


Target Muay Thai Fitness located near Wan Chai MTR station, provides an absolute private zone for practice.