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We strive to provide comprehensive range of value-added services

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    B.A. Marketing & Co. Ltd has been established as an agency firm since 1997 by serving as a professional expertise in the Second Hand Market, that provides excellent quality service in buying, selling & renting of golf club membership, social & recreation and marina club as well as school debenture in Hong Kong, Macau & China regions.

    In order to deliver highest level of satisfaction to customers, we devote to give sophisticated advice, professional, quality and one stop service to every customer from the time of receiving an enquiry through to the completion of a membership transaction. In addition, we have strong customer base with various types of memberships to suit the needs of customers. We are delighted to serve you at anytime, just simply give us a call or send an e-mail to us.

    Our Mission
    We strive to provide the most-updated and effective membership information or suggestions to our customers for decision making on memberships transfer.

    We strive to provide comprehensive range of value-added services with valuable comments and market valuation to customers from time to time. We strive to become a fully-fledged club membership agency through continuously improving the quality of services we offer.

Address(地 址):九龍尖沙咀厚福街3號華博商 業大廈16樓1607室
Tel (電話):
(852) 2735 7272 (Susanna)
(852) 2739 2255 (Raymond)
 (852) 2739 2277 (Connie)
Fax(傳 真):(852)2735 7271
E-mail (電郵):info@bamarketing.com.hk

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