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The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club was officially inaugurated on 16th December 1982.

Although the grand vision to build this three in one facility comprising country club, golf and marina facilities actually originated in the mid-1960s, it took a decade to complete feasibility studies and file statutory applications before the vision could be realized.

Finally the Club was incorporated as a non-profit making organisation in 1977. After making strenuous efforts to fulfil government stipulations, a lease was secured, and construction commenced in phases until the final completion in the early 1990s.

We now boast a prestigious membership of over 3,000 people of all nationalities. The unsurpassed scenic environment, sophisticated facilities together with our healthy finances make the Club one of the finest in the region, and an organisation of which we can all be proud.

Golf Club
Country Club
Marina Club
Clearwater Spa

Club Events
The Club is proud to host a number of events for our members & the local community including:
Hong Kong Tennis Champions Cup
The Clearwater Bay Amateur Open
The Clearwater Bay Charity Pro-Am Tournament
The Clearwater Bay Chase
The Clearwater Bay Executive Nine Junior Open
The Clearwater Bay US Kids Golf World Championship

It has been a long and arduous process transforming that barren and hilly site into today's magnificent resort. Sometimes, the course of the Club's early development was as rocky as the magnificent scenery that surrounds us.

It was the unfailing support and hard work of committees, members, management and staff that enabled us to overcome all the challenges and become the thriving institution that we are today.

Address:139 Tai Au Mun Road, Clearwater Bay, NT Hong Kong