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Motion House

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Motion House

We help you see what you are really capable of and break that limit. Through our tailored programmes that bring together the best of martial arts and physical fitness, students embark on an ongoing journey that enhances both the body and the soul. Here, coaches and students grow together as a team and share the joy of workout like family.

Personal/Group Training
by consultation


- Any cancellation must be notified and accepted by Motion House 24 hours before the scheduled class.
- All classes of 4 sessions should be finished within ONE month.
- All classes of 8 sessions should be finished within TWO months.
- All classes of 12 sessions should be finished within THREE months.
- Any remaining classes beyond the specified period will be cancelled except with prior approval of Motion House.

We are precisely where Causeway Bay joins Happy Valley - which means we are easily accessible but away from the hustle and bustle. Come and drop by and see why we call this place home.

Motion House Address
1F, 169 Wong Nai Chung Road, H.K.
Tel: (852) 2881 8598

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