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Full time USPTR Coach (US Professional Tennis Registry) with 15 years experience

我是專業合格USPTR教練 ,足有十五年全職教練經驗

你是否對打網球有興趣? 想學好正、反手、截擊球,發球等?又或曾學過而想重拾球拍再做費達拿、拿度或舒拉寶娃? 我絕對可以幫到你! 又或想給青少年小朋友在暑假裏打機外加多一點有益身心的運動,快找我吧!

我是一個全職的 USPTR (US Professional Tennis Registry) 專業合格教練,足有十五年的全職教練經驗,我可在體能、技巧上給你指導, 不要以為有球有拍就懂網球,正確動作、步法及良好基礎均可減低運動創傷後遺症。

Come on! 快來一齊跳出寫字樓,出一身汗吧!
星期一至日任何時間均可請 Whatsapp 或致電 97870532

Are you ready for a SERIOUS TENNIS?

My name is IVAN, I’m a certified coach of USPTR (US Professional Tennis Registry), I have a fifteen years tennis coaching experience. If you are a serious player & want to play like a pro. I´ll be happy to give you advice about your tennis game and get the best out of you - improving your skills, proper way to hit a stroke, serving, volley, overhead smash, movement, mentality and game strategy as well, can be one on one private lesson or a little team to four.

If interest please contact by Whatsapp or phone Mon-Sun @ 97870532 Ivan for details. Cheers!

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