C.C.C. was founded in Hong Kong in 1894, when Mr. W. D. Braidwood, the Headmaster of the Victoria English School, converted a turfed piece of ground in Bonham Road near Breezy Point into a cricket field.

The game of Cricket was enthusiastically received both by the students and their parents. It was thought that the Cricket Club so formed should be dignified with a suitable name. Mr. Braidwood cast around for a good name and finally settled upon the name of the building which housed his school - Craigengower.

There was one drawback in the use of the cricket ground in Bonham Road. While hitting the ball over the boundary was an easy matter, recovering the ball was less straightforward. The land beyond the boundary was the site of an old cemetery. The students had to recover the balls from amongst skulls from damaged urns that scattered beyond the boundary. Naturally, the players did not particularly enjoy this task.

So Mr. Braidwood looked around for another piece of land upon which cricket might be played. At this time, Happy Valley was a large area of open ground which was used for a variety of sporting activities, including the horse racing sport of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. Mr. Braidwood selected an area in the north-east corner of Happy Valley for the Craigengower Cricket Club (C.C.C.).

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