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中環商務中心, 服務式辦公室, 流動辦公桌, 固定辦公桌, 會議室租用, 活動場地租用

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WorkTech Co-working Space

服務式辦公室, 商務中心, 提供私人辦公室, 固定辦公桌, 虛擬辦公室租用

中環商業區, 設備完善交通便利適合各中小企業時尚行業創業者

- WorkTech 會員只需 $1000  會員可於 WorkTech 全港十多個場地使用

- 私人辦公室 - $5,000 

- 前台接待服務代收郵件包裹


彩色影印機專線電話, 寬頻

提供會議室租用, 活動場地租用


歡迎查詢: 3911 1288

網站: http://www.worktechasia.com

WorkTech POH - 23/F, Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

Our Business Centre located at 60 Stanley Street, Central, is just seconds away from the Central-Mid-Levels Escalators. Enjoying a prime location with comfortably furnished 2 to 3 persons private office with absolute privacy and stunning views of the city. Drop by our office. We can’t wait to meet you!



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