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The Cove Hostel is located at the southern part of Lantau Island. It’s only 20min ferry ride away from Cheung Chau. We have a private beach with beautiful hiking trails near our hostel. The hiking trails runs all the way to Pui O and it connects to Mui Wo, Cheung Sha and Tong Fuk. It’s a perfect hostel for anyone that enjoys the natures and outdoor activities.

The 20min ferry ride from The Cove Hostel to Cheung Chau island is free of charges for our guests. Cheung Chau island is steeped in local history. It has hundreds of very popular restaurants, shops, supermarkets, banks and bars. It also provide easy ferry access to Hong Kong island.

Room information: Bunk Bed for 1 person in a Standard 4 or 6 Bed Mixed Dorm

Price: $3000 per month

Address: Flat A, 3/F, Block 16, Sea Ranch, Lantau Island

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