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serviced apartments to complement your lifestyle

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serviced apartments to complement your lifestyle

Shama is a lifestyle provider with serviced apartments that epitomise comfort, style and luxury. In every Shama city and at each Shama location, we adhere to four absolute tenets:

    style - From furniture to fittings, Shama apartments combine hip style with supreme functionality.
    service - We believe that an exceptional living experience requires an unrivalled standard of service.
    location - Each Shama property is located in the heart of that city’s prime commercial and/or residential district.
    lifestyle - Our "no boundaries" programme offers tenants a way to fast track their social lives.

 A city of contradictions, Hong Kong’s steel and glass exteriors belie its traditional heart. Fast-paced, innovative, and ambitious, this is also a city where Buddha has his own mountain, noodles are slurped in alleyways, and Cantonese opera is sung on the streets. Here, Shama offers residents a choice of serviced apartments in the city’s most happening neighbourhoods: hip Hollywood Road, exciting Causeway Bay, thrilling Tsim Sha Tsui, and convenient Central. Each offers an enviable location, supreme style, and all the comforts of home.

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