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       Mr. Carlos Y.K. Cho

         Directors :
         Mr. Rudolf Greiner
         Mr. Edmund C.W. Lo
         Mr. Maurice C. Fung
         Mr. Vincent W.M. Cho


WP Holdings Limited

WP Holdings Limited was founded in 1980 by Mr. Carlos Y.K. Cho (Chairman). Through his involvement in project development as an architect, the company diversified into various business activities. Today the group and its associates consist of over 30 companies and joint ventures. The six  main divisions of the company are Architectural Consulting,  Construction, Hospitality, Investment, Project Management and Property Management. A brief description of which is found in the following paragraphs.

德比集團(WP Holdings Limited)成立於1980年, 創辦人為曹玉麒先生.曾廣泛參與在香港,印尼,越南,美國,加拿大,台灣和中國各地之大型項目工程.德比集團統籌多項國外內之地產發展和建設綜合性建築項目,集團名下共擁有30間公司及聯營公司,主要部門:建設,營造,旅館,投資,項目統籌及物業管理.

19/F Caltex House, 258 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong.
852-2833-6107 (general enquiries)

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