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About www.officefinder.com.hk
We provide professional business service in finding your ideal serviced office in any district in Hong Kong. Whether you're looking for a Soho or luxury serviced office, this site can help you pinpoint it.

Our main duty is to consolidate the fragmented serviced office sector into one online platform. We enable customer to search for Hong Kong serviced offices free of charge either online or by calling sales team. It works with almost every serviced office operator and we are one of the largest provider of new business to Hong Kong serviced office operators.

We also provide ultimate resource for business centre services. We employ a team of researchers who work closely with business centre owners and continually update our database both on the quality and availability of the business centers.

100- 800
上網服務, 商務休息室, 茶水間, 餐飲服務, 會議設施, 會議室, 虛擬辦公室, 其他, 懂多國(種)語言的員工, 接待服務, 秘書服務, 速遞/郵寄服務, 設有影印機 /傳真機, 個人化電話接聽服務
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