CP Property Services have delivered a full range of property services to property investors and owners since 1996.

Our work focuses on enhancing the value of prime commercial and residential properties through a made-to-measure management approach.

Our clients include private individuals, off-shore companies and investment funds that prefer a personalized, discreet and accountable service.

We currently manage assets valued in excess of $2.5 billion and collect nearly $200 million in rent and management fees per annum.

Independent and objective

We're successful because we only offer objective, independent advice that's right for the property in question.

That allows us to be open and flexible. It enables us to challenge common conventions and question accepted thinking.

We go to great lengths to ensure all our staff apply these principles in their daily work.

Our independence and objectivity is key to delivering consistent and sustainable long-term value.

No conflicts of interest

We are independent and operate without conflicts of interest - we're not owned by a developer or a multi-disciplined real estate agency who inevitably puts their interests first.

On the contrary, our interests are tightly aligned with yours. Raising the value of your property raises the value of our services.

Certified quality

We are also one of the few property service providers in Hong Kong with a fully integrated management system that has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification.

Made-to-measure property services. It's all about maximizing the value of your property assets by compromising less.

Strategic or tactical compromises during the property management process often results in lost opportunities.

To extract the maximum value from your property assets, CP Property Services adopts a made-to-measure management approach. Each of our specialist disciplines is tailored to your specific investment needs and objectives.

Driven by a team of experienced specialists who think innovatively and with unclouded objectivity, CP Property Services' unique operating model uncovers new opportunities and capitalizes on them quickly and decisively.


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