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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Childhood is like a boat full of candy, toys, laughter and joy Blueberrieson the cake love Open the album and smell happiness Dependent on each other, waiting for the pace of growth Baby www.lavibaby.hk .hk  Tree stump,Child,Toddler,



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- 影樓位於高級商業大廈
- 1800多尺空間,專享私人拍攝時段
- 4分鐘步行往港鐵站


We have a vision. 

We would like to keep every best moment of your life.

We would like every of our friends, customers feel blessed in their entire life when looking at the photos we created.

With tremendous effort in setting up our studios & creating themes to blow the market, our target is to be one of the best studio in Hong Kong and Asia. 


We focus on portraits.

From Pregnancy to New-born baby, from day 1 to age 11, we provide a complete services to you and your family.

Awards & Nominations:

Studio designed by award-winning photographer


Website: https://www.lavibaby.hk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lavibabyhk/

Email: info@lavibaby.hk

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