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letting your dog become a Dr Dog

更新於: 2008-11-20 197 刊登者: Green Cross Veterinary Clinics
Would you happen to have a really friendly dog who just loves to meet new people?  Is he/she a part of the family loved by everyone?  Is your dog part of your life where you look so forward to greeting when you come home?  

One of the nicest things in keeping a pet is the warmth and happiness they can bring to a family.  

If you have a pet dog who is gentle and loving and loves to meet people why not consider sharing the love your dog brings to other people by letting your dog become a Dr Dog

If your dog becomes a Dr Dog he will become a part of a growing group of enthusiastic volunteers who bring lots of love and happiness by visiting people in less fortunate circumstances, such as in hospitals, disabled centres, homes for the young and elderly and orphanages.
You will need to have your dog checked for suitability and a vet will need to check your dog to ensure that he/she is healthy.