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we offer a full surgical service

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At Ninelives we offer a full surgical service *with state of the art monitoring equipment.

Prior to any surgery it is our policy to run a pre-anaesthetic blood panel on our ISTAT machine which only requires a small drop of blood and gives us results in seconds.

During anaesthesia we track our patients temperature, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and ECG reading. We pride ourselves in our attention to pain prevention and relief. This may variably take the form of injections, nerve blocks or skin patches.

Following surgery our patients are kept warm with cosy blankets and, where appropriate, are given food on recovery. We aim to have our patients up and looking out the window as soon as possible!

*Except certain orthopaedic procedures which are referred out to surgeons with a particular interest in this field

The challenge in hospitalising cats is getting them to eat. Many cats will develop food aversions to what they were eating prior to becoming sick or nauseous. We overcome this by providing buffet samplers to find out what your cats new preferences are.

Stress reduction is another one of NineLives strengths and distinguishing features. Our vets are big believers in T-touch therapy and massage to get your cat purring its way back to health. With regular massage and TLC our patients find it easier to ignore the fact they are hooked up to intravenous drips or fitted with feeding tubes.

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