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Available puppies are - "Rory" Red Male, "Suri" Red Female, "Rhys" Cinnamon Male, - Hurry they are going quickly!,This is Aria's only litter this year - Next available time for puppies from her are next year. I post pictures and videos for the future parents to see and be a part of their growth prior to bringing them to their forever home. I can guarantee that you will not find any other breeder that is so interactive with the future forever fur parents. I try and give you the best possible experience and to be able to have as active a role in watching your fur baby grow and see his or her developing personalities prior to you bringing them home. I do what I would want if I was the one getting a fur baby from you.

I have been breeding beautiful chow chow puppies for the past 3 years now. I have been a chow owner for well over 20 years.

The parents for my puppies are KC registered and all of my chows are treated as part of the family and none live in a kennel. I raise them with cats and with chickens that free roam my backyard. I have also had pygmy goats which they were introduced to and never bothered. We have 2 cats at the present time, we do rescues of cats now and then.

All of my chows are part of the family and they are treated as such. They sleep on my bed (when they feel like it) are spoiled rotten and believe they are humans and not dogs. I would not have it any other way.

My puppies were wormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age an had their first shots at 6 weeks of age and their 2nd shots a few day ago. Please send us and email with title "CHOW CHOW PUPPIES" to troiyong@yahoo.co.uk


可用的小狗 - “罗里”红男“,苏芮”红女, “里斯”肉桂男, - !快点他们会很快,这是晓月的唯一的垃圾,今年 - 下一个可用的时间,小狗从她的是明年。张贴图片和视频为未来的父母看到并成为他们成长的一部分,将其运送至永远的家之前。我敢保证,你不会找到任何其他饲养员就是这样的互动与未来永远毛皮的父母。我试着给你最好的体验,并能够在看你的皮草宝宝成长为一个积极的角色,看看他或她之前开发的个性给你带来他们回家。我做什么,我会想,如果我是一个从你得到一个皮草宝宝。




我的幼犬驱虫在2 , 4和6周龄的拥有于6周龄和他们的第二射击他们的第一次出手数天前。请寄给我们,并与标题“ CHOW CHOW小狗”来troiyong@yahoo.co.uk电子邮件

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