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    Estate Planning Made Easy for Families us for our interactive workshop Join to secure your family's future and well-being. Family Guardianship Wills trusts Who would inherit your assets when you die? As parents of minor children, who would look after them if you were not here anymore? What is a family trust? How does a family trust The government will decide if you don't write a will protect your loved ones financially? Registration 25th June, 2019 6:30 pm-8:30 pm HKILA, Unit 10, 1st Floor North Plaza, Block 2 Discovery Bay Light refreshments will be provided. Speaker Bio Annette M. Houlihan is Managing Director at Carey, Suen Will Services Ltd. Having worked in Hong Kong for more than two decades as a financial advisor, she provides her clients with detailed and thorough answers for their financial future. www.careysuen.com  Text,Font,

Attention, moms and dads! We are hosting a free workshop to help you understand how to financially protect your family if you die prematurely or become incapacitated. This includes Guardianship, Wills and Family Trusts. https://forms.gle/ntcEfASvyRiW26T29

Join us on 25th June from 6.30 p.m. at Unit 10, First Floor, Block 2, North Plaza, Discovery Bay.

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