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    ★ 大型會議講座場地
    ✦ 包含互動遊戲和活動的工作坊
    ★ 由專業影音顧問設計的音響設備及播放設備

    VR現場實景 : https://goo.gl/o52Qp

    Are you looking for the right place to promote, introduce, or hold a seminar?
    The site of Zhifu Academy is designed by instructors with many years of experience and professional consultants in different areas. Therefore, it can provide the most ideal and suitable solutions so that enterprises and mentors can easily solve problems such as renting venues and supporting facilities.
    We have self-owned properties in Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong Pirate Street. The decoration and audiovisual equipment are tailor-made for seminars, conferences and workshops. The Kowloon Bay Campus has a large exhibition room that can accommodate 260 people. The multi-purpose room for 115 people, Chuangye Street Branch has a large exhibition room that can accommodate 200 people, providing suitable venues for companies and instructors.

    VR 360 : https://goo.gl/o52Qpg

    - Large display room for 260 people and multi-purpose room for up to 115 people
    - There are 13 private ladies toilets in the unit, 7 mens toilets and 2 toilets for disabled persons on the floor, enough for participants of large lectures;
    - Provide speakers with separate lounges and dedicated toilets and showers;
    - The reception area has a comfortable seating area and sofas for participants to discuss and rest;
    - A conference room that can be used as a group discussion or business negotiation;
    - Add fresh air system to provide fresh air for classrooms;
    - locker for personal items or jackets;
    - Audio equipment and playback equipment designed by professional audio and video consultants to ensure audio and visual effects;

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