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創意面部彩繪-大人小朋友 - 生日派對 (FACE PAINTING, BODY PAINTING) KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY 婚禮,公司活動,生日會,廣告,拍攝, face paint

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Face N Art

提供專業面部及人體創意時尚彩繪服務 Professional Face & Body Painting Service


專業團隊服務包括 Service Includes:

- 各類私人及公司派對活動面部及手部彩繪 Private Parties & Coporate Events Face & Hand Painting, Glitter Tattoo

- 婚禮及新娘彩繪 Wedding & Bridal Face & Body Painting

- 時裝及廣告拍攝面部及人體彩繪 Fashion and Commerical Photo Shooting Face & Body Painting, Glitter Tattoo

- MATERNITY 攝影面部及人體彩繪 Maternity Photo Shoot Face & Body Painting

- 專業萬聖節化妝及彩繪 HALLOWEEN SCARY Makeup & Face Painting

- 金屬臨時紋身 Metallic Temporary Tattoo



HKD 600 /hr

HKD 1,000 / 2 hr


*我們只採用美國FDA認証的低敏顏料, 大人及小童都能放心使用

*All the products we use are FDA approved and hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for adults and kids.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Face N Art

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: (852) 98191384


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