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Sunrise Music提供音樂製作、音樂版權管理、藝人管理等服務

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Sunrise Music 上揚愛樂

Sunrise Music, launched on 1996, is one of the biggest independent record companies in Greater China. Sunrise Music has a consolidated and powerful distributor position in Greater China and of Pacific Asia.

Sunrise Music mainly focuses on exclusive distribution business, we have over thousands repertoires & back catalogues cover Classical, Jazz, World music, Oldies, Children Music, Int'l pop, Soundtrack, Relaxing/Mental music …etc allover more than 30 worldwide labels.

We have independent operation branches in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Taipei; effective management and well logistic arrangement are the keys of our outstanding works.

Acting as the sole music company depends on a group of passionate people who really love music. Everyone works in Sunrise Music came from different record companies, chain retailers or guitar ensemble with rich music knowledge and practically experiences.

In spring of 2008, our first display room was established; we offer a comfortable, convenient area and acoustic equipment for customers to find what music they want. We also provide shopping consultancy service for each valuable member.

Sunrise Music is not only a business company, but also a place gathering music lovers to share their favorite music. "Sunrise Music Fan Club" was established in 2003, now we have thousands of members who joined the club without any Annual Fee!

Since the world becomes assimilated by internet connection, a designed company online website has been built, let consumers learn more products and labels from Sunrise Music. There is also an online shopping service on the website to convenience worldwide music fans. At the meanwhile, we are running our own Facebook fan page and YouTube forum, not only informing our releases and media clips, but also convenience our music fans to listen and know more about back stories of our repertoire via social networks.

Sunrise Music has signed the exclusively agreement with couple of major online music shop, mobile companies and new media, connecting all digital format to expand the market domain.


Grandview Culture 大境文化

Grandview Culture is a full-service music-oriented company. G.V. develops and promotes a board range of music and entertainment activities with an initial focus on ‘Grander China’. We focus on music production, publishing, distribution, artist management and event management. In addition, we co-operated with several online music stores; mobile companies to create new media business.

The music production & distribution business account for a major part of companies’ activities. We involve in the election of songs, singers, building marketing strategies, determine unique music style. We produce high acoustic album with famous sound remastering & production studio, use high digital-tech to make a perfect hi-end recording to meet consumer demand for diversity.
Unite the powerful distribution ‘Sunrise Music’ to push out our production to the Greater China market

Grandview Culture is providing a ready source of material for the production requirements, deal with overseas production house to licensing music source to Greater China and Asia pacific.

The company acts as the sole and exclusive agent or manager of the artiste on all aspects of entertainment, including show, commercials, special events…

Organizing and producing concerts, entertainment and special events. We did a series of Classical Music concerts, and co-operated with jazz concerts, like Australian Jazz Diva Janet Seidel Taipei concert; Sunrise Music Anniversary music concert …etc.







製作級統籌各類型表演項目,如演唱,演奏會,音樂會,歌迷欣賞會等。 曾主辦、協辦多場古典音樂欣賞會及爵士流行音樂會,如澳洲爵士天后Janet Seidel台北演唱會;<Sunrise Music> 周年音樂會。。。等


Sunrise Music
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