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Hong Kong's own musician, singer, writer, traveler, label owner... in short, just another guy.

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Chet Lam 林一峰

Hong Kong's own musician, singer, writer, traveler, label owner... in short, just another guy.

Lam started his own label LYFE Music in 2003, now has 9 critically and commercially acclaimed Cantonese, English and Mandarin albums and a long list of sold out live shows under his belt. In 2003 Lam and the Hong Kong theatre veteran W Creative put out an original musical , the ten sold out shows not only became the talk of town, also started a trend of music theatres in the industry until now. 

Much loved by music critics, specially in China, Lam has been notably awarded in various fields, including two times Best Folk Artist of the Year in the Chinese Media Music Awards in China, Best song written for a movie in Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan (Chinese answer to Oscar), Best New Artist and Singer Songwriter in 903 Music Awards in Hong Kong, etc. Apart from being one of the most important Chinese music icons of this generation, Lam is also a best selling author with 5 collective writings published so far.

Lam's fluency in Cantonese, Mandarin and English in writing and performing has brought him prestigious opportunities to be invited to collaborate with a lot of performing artists around the world including the French Bohemian group Moriarty and Grammy-nodded Venezuelen accapella group Vocal Sampling, opening for k.d. Lang, pending national hits for acts such as Eason Chan, Stephanie Sun Yanzi, Elva Xiao, to name a few.

香港創意工業工作者,音樂人,作者,旅行者。03年創立獨立廠牌 LYFE Music (一峰工作室),至今發表個人粵語、國語及英語專輯九張,並與不同國家藝人團體合作演出,如法國藍調樂隊Moriarty,古巴清唱組合Vocal Sampling等;03年首度與W Theatre聯同茜利妹創作及主演音樂劇場【馴情記】叫好叫座,並開流行音樂與劇場跨媒體合作風氣之先;04年3月受香港藝術節邀請與Ketchup及 the pancakes演出藝術節節目 【1、2、3到你】音樂會,十月於伊利沙佰體育館舉行首次個人音樂會;05年再度與W Theatre合作音樂劇場《你今日拯救咗地球未呀?》,並邀得蘇玉華任女主角;同年與流行歌手楊千嬅舉行拉闊音樂會;06年開始替自己及其他獨立單位舉 辦音樂會, 包括農夫、野仔、my little airport、at17及與the pancakes等,致力推行香港音樂及表演文化;07年與W Theatre三度合辦音樂劇場《一期一會》,與東亞娛樂及香港劇場界精英攜手再掀起熱潮。林除替中港台流行歌手組合如孫燕姿,蕭亞軒,陳奕迅,黃耀明, 周筆暢,張信哲,at17等創作曲詞外,至今已推出五本個人散文作品【音樂. 旅 . 情】,【隨身聽 . 隨心唱】,【思生活】,【遊子意外】及結他譜散文集【一峰一人一結他】。曾獲重要獎項包括台灣金馬獎最佳電影歌曲獎、華語音樂傳媒大獎最佳民謠藝人、香港 IFPI最高銷量新人獎、商業電台叱吒樂壇頒獎禮唱作人獎等。

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