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上揚愛樂 Sunrise Music

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l        Our Company Sunrise Music is one of the outstanding major music distributors in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan record industry. Formerly it was founded as the Hong Kong & China branch of Taiwan well-known recording company -- Sunrise Record in 1996. In year 1999 Sunrise Music became an independent organization separated with Taiwan Sunrise Record officially. Over 12-years solid market experiences consolidate our position in Hong Kong, Taiwan, most of Mainland China’s musical market. We distribute music repertoires from classical, jazz, world music, tradition music, children music, pops, and soundtrack…30 worldwide labels all over the world. 

Our Mission Sunrise Music, is not only operated in a commercial company, but a place for collecting music lovers and share good music with all. We feel strong passion and enthusiasm towards Music, as what we love. We established a Sunrise Music Fan Club” in 2003, which we’ve already collect thousands music fans join our club. In spring of 2008, the first display room has established, we offer our VIPs a comfortable and convenient area to listen and enjoy music, and provide a better service.    As the horizon of music is broad, continuously abundance of music knowledge is essential. We constantly believe ‘Progress made one step at a Time’, acting as an agent between our supplier and mass in sharing the joyful and fineness of music. 

The Development   At the beginning, Sunrise Music mainly focuses on Western classical/Jazz/World music. Our staff has deep passion and rich music knowledge. With our sincerity and effort, several famous and best quality exclusive labels had been gained.  Along of the mainstream of Canto-pop music in Hong Kong, We need to innovate alternative way of showing the variety of music. To fulfill the diversity of musical fans needed, we accommodate Jazz, World Music, Easy listening, New Age, Meditation, Ballads, even the ‘Spa Music’ , which popular in relaxing from stress, etc. We aim at providing non-mainstream but excellent music which cannot be missed into the Hong Kong market. A flexible and innovative management has practiced become the main factor for success. Team work had put in the most priority of our management. Eager to learn and eager to try had being acted as our target to improve. 

Mainland China Market--Guangzhou Branch Office As the greatest need of China market, we settled up a registry in Guangzhou for developing a more comprehensive network to the Chinese customers in Nov,2003. China is no doubt becomes the biggest entertainment market in the world in future years. Sunrise Music will be a door/guider to exchange music information allover the world. Facing to the big competition in the music industry, Sunrise Music will keeping develop new business type like " New Media", which is cooperate with website /telecom companies; Produce attractive Chinese traditional & crossover music to international music market...

l        Company Website & Online Shop In the recent years, for purpose to expand our market all over the world we established a new website, it brings all music lover with unlimited conveniences and a great benefits. Without territory restrictions, anybody feel completely free to enjoy its music and enhance the music knowledge. www.sunrisemusic.com.hk 

Our Exclusive Distributed Label  

Alia Vox

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