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    TRINITY Examination Report This is not a certificate COLLEGE LONDON ATCL Recital (Violin), Unit 1- Violin Recital ATCL Candidate name: Centre: Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Candidate ID: 1-784133377 Programme BEETHOVEN SONATA No2 in A major, Op. 12 A compelling characte ad tonal vaiation, which was suited to the era. Timing and empathyy n envemble nth the piano was notalurays se are. Tender, pensure ambrente was delivoed ith bensituity to wamth of tne agd persana u seave ht. Atenermess of chaacter un the Andante, rhythmic cceracy. Intonation conteuned shght denation. but awareress of structure and were,convinangenere, and un tthe Finale.confrasten mood were Perceptve and vaned s tone aye arbculatioo This beca me uicrearungy dranatic, minor uaccracies in tlintng. ith any DVORAK: FOUR ROMAN Tnc PIECES,Op.75 Cavabna was calm in mood and beautiful un re quality of tone. A bold and compelling opemng to cavrico, with fair wamth of Fore to the mterspersed,staccato quaver and a virtnosic approa Text,Font,Document,
    TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON LTCL Recital (Violin), Unit 1 - Violin Recital LTCL Examination Report This is not a certificate Centre: Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Candidate nam Candidate ID: 1-1147847839 Pregramme Sonata in Amajor - Franck: The drama of the opening Allegretto ben moderato was often conveyed well. Some phrasing was, however, a little awkward and not all tied notes were observed as such. There were some lapses in intonation although the tone was mostly well rounded and projected. Vibrato was used to good stylistic effect. There was a sense of driving energy at the outset of the Allegro with a strong feeling nature of the poco piu lento section was well conveyed although some of the tone lacked warmth. There was a confident demonstration of the subsequent changing moods, with effective fuocoso playing as required by the score. The improvisatory feeling of the Recitative-Fantasia was apparent. The sound was not always fully r the character of the movement being communicated. The Text,Paper,Font,Document,
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Jonathan LAM (BMus(Hons), Dip(HKAPA), FTCL, LTCL)
🏆在演藝學院就讀其間,亦跟隨Professor Machael Ma學習小提琴演奏技巧,及梁建楓先生與王磊教授學習室樂演奏。此外,林氏亦熱衷於管弦樂團指揮,並獲選跟隨演藝交響樂團指揮Professor Alan Cumberland學習指揮。
🏆在校其間,經常參與獨奏、室樂及作曲系的演出。並且有機會出席國際著名小堤琴家如Carl Pini、Michele Walsh及Makhail Tsinman等之大師班,以及參與香港演藝學院交響樂團之演出,並跟不少著名指揮家如Edo de Waart、Travor Pinnock、Takuo Yuasa及Francois-Xavier Roth等合作
🏆上課地點: 深井,荃灣,九龍站
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