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  • 音樂碩士 
  • Master in Music


  • 教育學士 
  • Bachelor in Education



  • 傑出藝術老師奬
  • Outstanding Arts Teacher Award



  • 二十年以上教學經驗 
  • Over 20 Years Teaching Experience 


  • 學生評語
  • Comments​
  • Learning Clarinet at Music Divine is an extraordinary experience. Being a music Naïve adult, Music Divine opens me up to a new horizon of music appreciation. The individualized approach inspires me to make remarkable progress and skills, without compromise of enjoyment and relaxation. Highly recommend you to discover the enthusiasm at Music Divine. 

        ~from Facebook

  • 呢位老師好好,好有耐性教導,我學色士風由咩都完全唔識,經過老師耐心教導之後,我學左好短時間已經可以吹到2首自己喜歡既歌!只要跟老師既步驟就可以續步續步做好,學既過程都好開心,好放鬆!誠意推薦呢位好好好好老師!

        ~from Carousell

  • 老師好友善好好人,教得好好,技巧講得好明確。

         ~from Carousell

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  • ​63076275

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  • https://www.facebook.com/music.divine.hk

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  • https://music-divine-hk.wixsite.com/musicdivine 

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