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【Hong Kong Children Operetta THE MAGIC FLUTE By Mozart 】 Calling for talents!!

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全球華人藝術家協會致力推動本地音樂發展,特意挑選著名作曲家莫扎特的歌劇《魔笛》作為 2018-2019學年度的演出劇目,由5至12歲年幼的音樂家參與為期9個月的聲樂及戲劇課程,並有預演及大型公演的兩次公開表演機會。


Class A. 星期六 11:00-12:30
Class B. 星期六 3:00-4:30
Class C. 星期日 3:00-4:30
如有查詢,請致電95507489 或電郵 [email protected]


Hong Kong Children Operetta (HKCO)

The Universal Artists Association of China proudly presents an abridged version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute in 2018-2019 school year. The Magic Flute will be performed by young musicians aged between 5 and 12, who will undergo 9 months opera course. 
We are honoured to have Mr Yun- Kwan Yiu as our music director, who is the vocal coach at Columbia University Bach Society and master of music from Manhattan School of Music. 
The master classes involves professional music and English drama training will be carried out regularly in weekend.
Internal concerts and grand performances will be provided to showcase the children’s artistry and talents on stage. Students can enhance their music development as well as their English diction throughout the whole year opera course.

Starting from 15th Sep 2018, 
Class A. Sat 11:00-12:30
Class B. Sat 3:00-4:30
Class C. Sun 3:00-4:30

Venue: Room 902, 9/F, Lok Yuen Building, 25-27A Des Voeux Road, Central
Should you have any enquiries, 
Please contact number 95507489 or email [email protected] 

The Magic Flute Synopsis
Prince Tamino fell in loved with the queen’s daughter, Pamina, who was enslaved by the evil Sarastro. Tamino got the Queen’s permission to marry Pamina if he could rescue her. Tamino and Papageno then set off searching for Pamina. They were given a magic flute and silver bells to ensure their safety. 
However, Tamino found out that the Queen was the evil one. After going through many trials, Prince Tamino defeated the Queen. Love won at last.

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