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Alexis Lai's Music - experienced piano teacher / musician 經驗 教琴 伴奏

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Alexis Lai, being a music performer, educator and composer for over 20 years.

Aims to achieve the goal by bringing out student’s best musicality and personality.

Helps students to take manage in balancing skills in order to being confident.

Providing all around music training include:

(1) Performance (Both solo and ensemble)

(2) Theory lesson

(3) Professional piano accompaniment service

(4) Examination skills

(5) Joining Competitions

(6) Music listening and analyzing (can help in GCE music subject)

All are conducted in English or Cantonese with English supplemented.

All ages above 5 and level are catered.

Rate starts from HK$500/hr varied on category, location and duration with discount in advanced payment.

Free group combination and flexible place.

Email: [email protected]


學費由 HK$500/hr 起,地點可選擇青年廣場, 老師家中,也提供上門教授服務。

也可自由組合group class, 學費不變

如報讀個別面授鋼琴課程,請致電預約安排面試,面試及評估費為 $260,如不獲取錄,所付之費用,概不退還;如獲取錄,所繳交之面試及評估費將於首期學費中扣減。

tel: +852 54391588

Facebook : Alexis 黎綽庭

Facebook link:  https://www.facebook.com/Alexis-%E9%BB%8E%E7%B6%BD%E5%BA%AD-1030230986990418/info?tab=overview

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