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【音樂系專業鋼琴導師 - 沙田馬鞍山區】中文大學音樂系榮譽學士,持高級演奏級文憑。學生成績卓超,近70%學生考獲Distinction,比賽獲獎。

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  【音樂系專業鋼琴導師 - 沙田馬鞍山區】 中文大學音樂系榮譽學士,持三張高級演奏級文憑, 超過13年豐富經驗。致力音樂教育,學生成績卓超, 近70%學生考獲Distinction,比賽獲獎。
Contact Miss Lau: www.irenelaupiano.com / 94385332  


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.Profile of Miss Irene Lau Experienced piano teacher with over 13 years

    teaching experience Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music,

    the Chinese University of Hong Kong Licentiate in Piano of the Trinity College London Associate in Piano of the Trinity College London Diploma  in piano of the Associated Board of

    the Royal Schools of Music Music Theory Diploma of the Trinity College London


劉老師履歷 香港中文大學音樂系學士 倫敦聖三一音樂學院高級鋼琴演奏文憑 倫敦聖三一音樂學院鋼琴演奏文憑 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴演奏文憑 倫敦聖三一音樂學院音樂理論文憑


Performed in the Lee Hysan Concert Hall

at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2005 2005年於香港中文大學利希慎音樂廳表演

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Erhu accompaniment in the Space Museum, 2012 2012年於太空館-二胡伴奏表演


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Graduation Celebration of the Trinity College London, with David Robinson (Associate Chief Examiner in Trinity), 2005 2005年出席英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院文憑級畢業典禮, 與東南亞區顧問兼副主任考官David Robinson合照

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Teaching Philosophy:


Miss Irene Lau is committed to music education after her graduation in Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She hopes her passion for music will infect students so that they really enjoy playing music with lots of fun.

It is important to develop a good basic technique, so she will not only focus on preparing the examination with students and also encourage them to play various piano pieces in different styles of western music periods, also including some technical training exercise.

In additional to basic training, she insists to organize students concert in concert hall every year. Students can gain valuable performance experience and share each other with their learning experience.

Miss Irene Lau 學生曾凱光 敬贈 二〇一三年十月,product,trophy,glass



【致力音樂教育】 自於香港中文大學音樂系畢業後,致力音樂教育,希望將自己對音樂的熱誠,感染學生,令他們真正喜歡音樂,

【打好根基】 「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,打好根基是非常重要,所以本人不會只著重考試的進程,會鼓勵學生著重基礎訓練。

【籌辦學生音樂會】 每年於大會堂或音樂廳籌辦學生音樂會,令學生互相交流學琴心得,增加演經驗。
【樂於溝通】 與家長學生建立良好關係,多了解家長和學生對音樂的期望,希望達到共識,為目標進發。




Student Concert: 學生音樂表演:
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piano,pianist,keyboard,musical instrument,classical music

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Student’s Achievements:
2013 - The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
Tong Lok Huen - Piano Solo Grade 3 - 2nd prize Tsang Hoi Kwong - Piano Solo Grade 1 - 3rd prize
The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music
Zhang TianTian - Piano Grade 7 - Distinction Li MinLan - Piano Grade 7 - Distinction Tsang Hoi Kwong - Piano Grade 2 - Distinction Ho Yi Lam - Piano Grade 2 - Distinction Yung Lam - Piano Grade 2 - Distinction Yuen Jayden Hui Kiu - Piano Grade 2 - Merit Yuen Julian Man Kiu - Piano Grade 2 – Merit
Ting Man Yee - Grade 5 Theory - Distinction Law Lai Han - Grade 5 Theory - Distinction Leung Chau Yi - Grade 5 Theory - Merit Chow Hoi Tung - Grade 5 Theory – Merit
The Trinity College London
Mapel Yim - ATCL diploma – Pass
2013 - 校際音樂節
Tong Lok Huen - 鋼琴獨奏比賽三級第二名 Tsang Hoi Kwong - 鋼琴獨奏比賽一級第三名
Zhang TianTian - 七級鋼琴考試 – 優異 Li MinLan - 七級鋼琴考試 - 優異 Tsang Hoi Kwong – 二級鋼琴考試 - 優異 Ho Yi Lam - 二級鋼琴考試 - 優異 Yung Lam - 二級鋼琴考試 - 優異 Yuen Jayden Hui Kiu - 二級鋼琴考試 - 良好 Yuen Julian Man Kiu - 二級鋼琴考試 - 良好
Ting Man Yee - 五級樂理考試 - 優異 Law Lai Han - 五級樂理考試 - 優異 Leung Chau Yi - 五級樂理考試 - 良好 Chow Hoi Tung - 五級樂理考試 - 良好
英國聖三一倫敦音樂學院 Mapel Yim – ATCL 演奏文憑 – 合格

65TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十트屆香港孕杹촙홉節 Class จาย E109-5 Graded Pano Solo Grade Three 8 6 3",text,font,line,paper,document

65TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL,text,font,line,paper,document

山 ABRSM Graded music exam Canddale Presered Subjec Grade ano.com 2) l6 4 /..^^74-"y ^.twyA-1冹ゴ...-k. /9,text,font,paper,document,line

Graded music exam ABRSM Mark w.ire,text,font,paper,document,line

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Graded music exam ABRSM Candidale Subject Marks Ms 4-19 61 It,text,music,font,paper,line

Graded music exanm ABRSM Presened byLAUKIN LING Marks 么 Ransls n CnT 2。 aly. 21 B4 I6 eculuwr,text,font,paper,line,document


Coming Soon


Parent Comments:
“Thank you very much for organizing the annual student concert. This is a good experience to enchance his confidence and feel more interest in piano. Hope to continue particiating such kind of music activities.” Lucass Mum (6 years old boy)
“Thank you for teaching my daugther. You gave her positive "pressure" that she always remind herself to work hard practicing piano but not confuse to do it. Thanks Miss Lau.” TianTians Mum (15 years old girl)
“Im appreciated your teaching attitude and your effort to the students. All parents and students can know that!

Thank you.” Miss Wong (adult student)
“Thank you for your teaching. I will continue to work hard.” MinLan (16 years old girl)




家長/學生對劉老師的話: 纟術割 方冲是が毇人朗盲次針畯出、糸從,text,handwriting,font,calligraphy,line


家長/學生對劉老師的話: 汝瀏恶師平貞對@ep?慧 1.4 謝謝脚志師! 田(8的媽媽,text,handwriting,font,calligraphy,line


家長/學生對劉老師的話: 竺 辦一場詩 '3不是-件,text,handwriting,font,line,calligraphy


家長/學生對劉老師的話: 多谢怨、劉皂价. :) 我会蜷緒男ヵ.,text,blue,white,font,handwriting


So glad to obtain 2nd place in hksmf grade 3 this year. Sincere thanks to my piano teacher Irene Lau for her patience and guidance during my plano learning Journey with Lau K Irene. Unlike Comment Stop Notifications Share 327 7,presentation,


Piano Specializations:
Piano Course
Teaching in all grades and advanced level in diplomas.
Theory Course Teaching in grade 5 and grade 8 examinations.
Accompaniment Examination or competition accompaniment, private wedding accompaniment and public recital accompaniment.
Sight-reading & Aural Training Teaching in all grades examinations.
People of all ages are welcome.

初級至演奏級鋼琴 5級或8級樂理 各級視唱練耳訓練 各類專業樂器鋼琴伴奏


Contact: 聯絡導師:
Miss Irene Lau (劉老師)
By Phone: 94385332 (Teacher is not able to answer the call in lessons, please leave message if possible.)
By Email: [email protected]
Website: www.irenelaupiano.com  

Lessons are taken place in Shatin or Ma On Shan




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