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 - 海倫音樂教室 -

  • Licentiate of Trinity College London .........LTCL (with Distinction)
  • (演奏級LTCL優等成績)


  • Associate of Trinity College London .........ATCL
  • (演奏級ATCL)


  • Diploma Programme in Pedagogy
  • (中大鋼琴專業教學文憑)


  • Diploma in Collaborative Piano Studies
  • (中大伴奏文憑)


  • G8 Theory
  • (英國皇家八級樂理)


  • Diploma in WARSAW SUMMER PIANO SEMINAR (Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music)
  • 波蘭蕭邦音樂學院短期進修文憑,並參與大師班演奏。


  • 旁聽上海音樂學院國際大師班


  • TOYAMA鋼琴比賽中國樂曲組第三名


  • 公開大學兒童心理學證書


  • 曾修讀浸大幼兒教育,A(Mus)TCL, 高大宜兒童教學法, 奧福兒童教學法
  • 八級流行及爵士樂理
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*初級至演奏級鋼琴課程 (精教六級以上)*
*五級樂理課程個人或小組 (兩人起)*
*各級考試前補課 (歡迎國內, 台灣等學員, 可用普通話授課)*
針對考級試口試(AURAL TEST)部份,加强訓練,特別是六,七,八級的聽力訓練,也適合其他樂器。
 Trinity Colle je Len Na Lever Licentiate Diploma Recital in Piane WITH DISTINCTION Hang Ken December 2009 TRINITYNITY GUILDHALL,text,diploma,academic certificateThis is to certify that NG participated in the WARSAW SUMMER PLANO SEMINAR jounily organieed by the Fryderyk Chupin Acadehy of Monic and School of Contimuing StadiesThe Chinese Univerity of Hong Kong and har duly heen awanted DIPLOMA Direetor Rector Wansaw, 25.00-0407.2004,text,identity document,
香涛中文大準專2tte9 Sctool af Continuing and Professinat Studios The Chinese Uiniversity of Hong Kong NG 鋼琴教育專業文憑課程 the Professional Diploma Programme in Piano Pedagosy rector Schook ot Cona Chainhan,text,diploma,academic certificate,document,paperThe Kodaly Approach to Musical Education HELEN,text,commemorative plaque,



TRINITY Examination Report COLLEGE LONDO ATCL Recital (P. . Candidate name.NG เรั. This is not a certificate Centre "r Kann Music C Candi e (286) Bach - Toccata in E minor, BWV 914 The bold and confident tone gave a pleasing start to the recital. The Un poco Allegro was musically shaped and imaginative articulation added interest and variety, Tone was well balanced, but did become a little heavy at times. Some of the emotional impact was lost in the fast tempo of the Adagio and, musically, this was not fully understood. Although tone was not always well voiced and, at times, the semiquavers became scrambled, there was a sense of finale spirit-in the fuga. The tempo rather hurried along, here, and this led to some uncomfortable moments Chopin Nocturne in Bb minor, op, 9 no. 1 There was a fair grasp of the style in this performance, though expressive subtlety sometimes passed by unnoticed. There was good attention to detail, but technical command did not always allow controแed tone and there were slight smudges in the pedaling Nonetheless, this was a largely engaging and artistically aware account showing imagination and musical insight. There was real energy in the first movement, Allegro con spirito, and much of the detail was found. However, the balance of tone between melodic ideas and accompaniment figures was variable and the necessary feeling of elegance was largely lost at this very fast pace; a sense of poise was not found. A greater level of musical awareness was found in the Andante con espressione movement, and this provided a suitable sense of contrast in mood. Phrase endings, however, continued to be abrupt, and pedalling was not always stylistically appropriate. The Rondeau, again, had a very fast tempo and this compromised elegance, precision and musical shape. There was not sufficient time to allow the music to breathe and this was a shortcoming in what was otherwise a spirited and sparkling performance. Brahms - Intermezzo This had a grasp of style and musical context, though technical command d,text,document,font, TRINITY Examination Report This is not a certificate COLLEGE LONDON ATCL Reci' Candidate n it 1 Diane ecital ATCL Centre onn Music Centre '286) Scarlatti Sonata in B Minor K22 ere was a strong and convincing sense of performance with good stylistic awareness. The piano was used very well as a resource to replace the harpsichord and the performing was with a good touch. Beethoven.Sonata.in С Minor.Op.10 No.1 Allegro molto e con brio The opening was dramatic and set the mood for the movement which was performed at a very lively tempo. It was however controlled and รhaped with some inventive thinking Understanding was shown for the conflicts and contrasts found in classical first movement structure. The tone could be a little heavy and unvaried at times Adagio molto The various expressive nuances of this style were found, but again the tone was not always sympathetic and tonal unevenness was evident. It was performed with engagement a clarity of presentation Finale Prestissimo An impressive technique was able to control the finale which was taken at an exciting and lively tempo. The fun character of this movement was quickly discovered and there was a strong performance with much creativity with the musical material. Fauré Nocturne Op.36 No. 4 This was lyrical and poised from the opening creating the serene atmosphere of this night piece The phrasing grew and climaxed with good control and shape. A personal stamp was ad the music and the playing was very expressive. Tonal contrasts were slighty limted and again at times the louder dynamics could be 'pushed a little. Bartók Suite Op 14 This was a very convincing and satisfying performance of this suite, with strong engagement and clarity of presentation and including very expressive and exciting performing. There was a polished and outgoing portrayal of the composer's to satisfy the listener. A reliable technique resulted in attention intentions, finding much extra musical interest to nearly all musical detail Summary Techniques 26 /30 This was a successful and con,text,document,paper,font,materialTRINITY Examination Report COLLEGE LONDON This is not a certificate ATCL Recital (Piann), Unit 1 Piano Recital ATCL Candidate name Centre: Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Candidate ID: 1-584559933 Programme Fal 从여 luminas Techaiques Summary Musical Sense S urn ca natu /30 Presentation Skills T no all attainment bands are as follows: Pass 60, Distinction 80. 2. Examiner number Examiner signature: iL Date: Reviewing Examiner signature:nd,text,font,paper,document,handwriting

Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (with Merit)
香港學校音樂節 (優/良成績)

54th HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第五十四屆香港學校音樂節 presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Associalion 香港學校膏樂及朗誦協會主辦 Entry No: 165 Class NoE114C Competitor Picce/Title : A Tale, Op. 62 No. 3 minor) . Scharweaks Merit 分數 注意: N. B. : 冠、亞、季軍得獎者,必須獲得80分或以上. No placing will be awarded แnder 80 marks. 名次 THIRD eure well and t alunys care 申領証書詳情請看背頁 To claim certificates please see details overleaf,text,font,black and white,line,paper 56th HONG KONG SCHOOES MUSIG FESTIVA 五土一六 ted by Hong Kon Area-7 : NTE Class No. 141 Group :- Competitor Hanan , 90% or over 80.89 Merit R 75-79% . Pretesener 分數 1,-I Marks mest-注意:冠、亞一季軍得獎者,必須獲得80分或以上。 N.B.No placing will be awarded under 80 marks. 名次 eke al.tu.İRA Mr. Francis Whng :-Keteliini certificates please see details overleats,text,black and white,font,paper,line 57m HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第五十七屆香港學校音樂節 presented by Hong Konhls Music annd Speech Associalion 香港學粳杳憷及期逍絡脅主辩 No.:34 Member: 002931 Class Code E109 Group 8 Class Description Grade Three :Piano Solo Piece/TitieLittle Flower, Op 205 No, 1 (wthout repeat) - Guritt 牙數 Marks10o 注意:冠、亞、季軍得獎者,必須獲得80分或以上. N.B.: No placing will be awarded under 80 marks S+ Place Mr. Robert Langston "分敷/名次.位厦姏按蓋印,即代表違反爽則第十一條。參賽者--B不予卲分. Marks/Place being stamped means competilors have violated reguiation Na. 11. No marks will be given 申領証書詳情請看背頁 To cinim certificates please see details overleaf,text,font,black and white,line,paper

ABRSM Theory Exam (with Distinction)
英國皇家音樂學院樂理考試 (優成績)

B Paper 2014 ABRSM APPLICANT NO.: 01282 NAME OF CANDIDATE CANDIDATE NO. Maximum Mark mark awarded 漌址 1 邊牡 Adding time signatures and rests, adding bar-lines and naming ornaments 加拍子記號和休止符、小節線,及寫裝飾音名稱 1. 15 15 2. Describing melodie intervals 描述旋律音程 10 10 3. 10 Transposing ρassage for horn in F from concert (sounding) to written pitch 將F調圓號選段移調,以記譜音高重寫旋律 10 4.la) 10 Indicating key. part of chromatic scale and technical name, and describing chords 標示音階、部分半音音階和專有名稱,及描述和弦 4.lb) 10 10 Term and sign, rewriting note using tenor C clef, describing time signature and rewriting enharmonic equivalent as breve 音樂詞彙與記號,用次中音譜號重寫音符,描述拍子記號,及用倍全音符重寫 異符同音 4.(c) Vocal and instrumental question:s 10 10 與聲樂和樂器相關的問題 Writing scale according to named key signature and writing named scale without key signature 根據指定調號寫音階,及不用調號寫指定音階 5. 10 10 Writing melody for flute or trumpet or to given words 為長笛或小號寫作旋律或為字詞譜曲 6. 15 7. Indicating suitable progressions for two cadences by writing chord names or 10 10 any other recognised symbol, or by writing notes on the stave 以和弦名稱或其他認可記號,為兩個終止式配適當的和聲 TOTAL總分 | 100 92 Total required to Pass to Pass with Merit t0 Pass with Distinction N/A = Not answered 合格 80優良 優異 未答 66 90,text,font,document,screenshot,line

ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC GRADE 5 ABRSH THE ORY EXANINATIONS THEORY EXAMINATION 樂理考試 RPERIOD 200 FEB 2002 CANDIDA TE NO. NAME 51842 QUESTION 問題 MARK AWARDED 1. Adding tine signature & bar-lines,describing chords 10 & indicating chord progressionカ止拍子記號及小飾綜. 描述和弦及指出和弦進行 2. Rewriting passage fron short to open score 10 用開列1鱺重寫繡編譜樂段 3. (a)Term,sign and describing intervals術語.記號 及描述音程 (b)Indicating technical nanes, comparing bars and 10 rewriting bar using tenor clef指出專有名稱. 比較小節及用次中音譜號重寫小節 /o (c) Reuriting bars from sinple to compound tine and 10 instrumental 及樂器問題 questions 由單拍到複拍,重寫小 4. Adding necessary accidentals to forn given scales 10 爲指定音階,加上所聳臨時記號 /o 5. Tranpos ing passage for cor anglai from written to 10 concert(sounding) pitch朋實服記譜音高寫的 英國管樂段,用演奏音高,處新編寫 6. Writiag nolody for cello or bassoon or to /0 given words爲大提琴或巴松管,或字詞SHE旋律 7. Indicating suitable progressions for two cadences by writing notes on the stave,chord nanes or any other recognised symbol用和弦記號.和弦名稱或將音符寫在 15 100 總分 Total required to Pass 66 To pass with Merit To pass with Distinction 90 80分優良 90分優異 80,text,font,line,document,area ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC NOV 2002 CANDIDATE NO NAME 樂理考試 QUESTION- MARK WARDED 1, Adding tine signatures and instrumental question 10 加上拍子記號及器樂問題 2. Describing intervals描述音程 3. Transposing passage for clarinet in A from aritten to 10 10 concer t (sounding) pitch把用實際記譜音高寫的A 草簧管欒段,用演奏音高.重新編寫 4. (a)Teras,sign,nning ornament and indicating part of 10 of chromatic ıcale術語,記鱿及指出部分半音音階 (b)Describing chords, indicating chord progression & giving technical names攕述和弦,指 俰弦進行及 10 出專有名稱 (cRewriting bar in al to clef, enharnonie equivalent and instrunental questions 用中音説號重寫小節,同音異名及器樂問題 5, Writing naned scales, onc using given key signature 10 & one without key signature寫出指定音階·採用 調號及不採用調號洛- 6. Writing melody for bassoon, cello or bass t rombone 15 or to given words爲巴松管,大提琴或低音長號. 或字詞創作旋律 7. Indicating suitable progressions for two cadences by 1S /S writing notes on the stave,chord nanes or any other recognised symbol用和弦記號、和弦名稱成將音符寫在 TOTAL 牕分 100 Total required to Pass 66 To pass with Merit To pass with Distinction 90 66分合格 80が優良 80,text,font,line,document,area
ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC ABRS摊 THEORY EXAMINATIONS NOV 2002 CANDIDATE No. : NAME 理考試 C PERIOD 2002 QUESTION- MARK AWARDED . Adding time signatures and instrumental question 10 加上拍子記號及器樂問題 2, Describing intervals擺述音程 3. Transpos ing passage for cli /o in A fran written to 10 concert(sounding) pitch把用實際記譜音高寫的A𧬘 單簧管欒段,用演奏音高,重新編寫 4, (a)Terms,sign.naming oraament and indicating part of 10 of chromatic scale衛哥.記號及指出部分半音 (b)Deseribing chords, indicating chord progression a 10 giving technical 寫出專有名稱 names描述和弦,指出和弦進行及 /o (c)Rewriting bar in ato clef. enharmonic equivalent and instrumental questions 用中音譜號重寫小節,同音異名及器樂間期 5. Writing named scales, one using given key signature 10 & one without key signature寫出指定音階·採用指定 謌號及不採用調號各一 6. Writing melody for bassoon, cello or bass trombone 15 or to given words爲巴松管,大提琴或低音長號. 戚字詞創作旋律 7. Indicating sui table progressions for two cadences by 15 writing botes on the stave,chord nanes or any other recognised symbol用和弦記號,和弦名稱或將音符寫在 TOTAL 總分 100 Total requi red to Pass 66 To pass with Morit To pass with Distinction 0 66分合格 80分優良 90分優異 80,text,font,line,document,area ASSOCIATED BOARD THEORY EXAMINATION-FEBRUARY 2006 樂理考試 R PAPER 2006 GRADB5 第五級積分表 NAME OF CANDIDATE CANDIDATE NO.: MARK 所得分數 問題 1. Adding time signatures, rewriting notes in Cclef, naming ornament, indicuting part of ctromntic scale and writing enharmonic equivalent as breve 加拍子記號,用中音譜號重寫音符,寫出裝飾音名稱,指出部份半音音階,及用 倍全音符寫出同音異名等音(15 marks) 10 2. Rewriting passage for SATB from open to short score 34a) Terme, sign and describing chords術禧,記號及描述和弦(10 marks) 30) Describing hrmonic intervals and naming keys擁述和蟹音程及寫出鸹名 用縮翩重寫開列總譜四部合唱樂段(10mmrks) 10 (10 marks) 用次中音譜號重寫和弦及器樂問題(10marks) 10 4Adding sharps or flets to make given soale and writing scale according to named key signature根據指定音儆加上升號或降號及根據指定請號,寫出音 (10 marks) 10 5 Transposing passage for horn in F from written to conoert (sounding) pitch 把用記詒音高寫的F認圓號/法國號樂段,用演奏音髙借樂會音高(樂音):重新編寫 (10 marks) 13 6. Writing melody for flute or violin or to given words 爲長笛或小提琴,或字詞創作旋律(15 marks) Indicating suitahle progressions for two cadences by writing chord names or any other recognized symbol, or by writing notes on the stave 用和弦名稱或和弦記號 或将音符寫在五線謹上,S兩個終止式,高出合適的和弦進行(10nmarks) to TOTAL瞣分 90 66分合格 Total required to Pass To pass with Merit Topass with Distinction “ 8080份優良 90 90分優異 N/A .. Not msword沒有作答,text,font,line,document,black and white

ABRSM Practical Exam (with Distinction)
英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴考試 (優等成績)

Graded music exam ABRSM Candidato Presented by Subject PIANO Grade 7 Marks effective erace heewe bref putde t 30 120) acemmdute rubate, but felt a le ushe at himes 30 1201 s Wa 30 30 1201 Scales and arpeggios Unaccompanied Shafina ewiden evel o 2o 21 114) Sight-reading The k ramctint maintained ah Was reco Quick study 21(14 urace shyiear wre acunke but the tuer resp l o 18 (12) Total 33 wee Additional comments if needed Cmatudlabomo an has exceleant xi) 150 100 Pass Merit 120 This form records the result of an exam held orn : 07 Nov/ 2015 Examiner code 1 2 20191 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. A company registered with limited tiability in England and Wates Charity registered in England Wales 12921821Scatiand IscC043343 RSI,text,font,handwriting,paper,document
EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Candidate Subject: PIANO Presented by: Grade: Programme Mark 27 30 (20 1 吒PP potato dyna.die v OCc Scalas a res Scales and Arpeggios Traditional Song art 21 (14) Sight Reading and Transpoition) or Quick Study 21 (4) Additional comments TOTAL o Mimum (Pa10 a00) ith gord Tutal mquired to Pans to Pase with Merit to Phss vith Dhiainetion 130 Tais fonm receords the sesalt of an eandnation heid on 1 G200 must be produened to acecospany any enquiry ar appeal. Registered as a Cherlty No. 92112 A cnmpany wgintersd with limited lalrility in England and Wales No. 13 Eamieference 100,text,font,black and white,line,paper EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCIATED BOARD F THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Candidate: Subject: -en-. Presented by Grade EroRtanute a fue 27 30 20) 30 20) ct es30 20) les and Arpeggios Traditional Song zalso t chromatic vds Apais Sight Reading 21 4) and Tranegosition) Quick Study 21 (14) netes Aural Test, wreck'euly.(nst t te-finaltwo 라 the StG 18 (12) cade Masmum (Pass) 150 (100) Tatal required to Pas 100 to Pan, with Merit 1 to Pass with Distinction 130 Thic form rmcords the resuit of an esamaion hed n 2 2 MAY 200 and must be produced to accompany amy mquiry ar appea Keaistend eChrity No. 29215 A cmpany Mered wih imited ablisty in England and Waies Ne s inerserenN3,text,font,black and white,line,document
ASSOCIATED BOARI EXAMINATION MARK FORM Candidate Subject Presented by Grade: 4えたn ch hrnongh f- and suirtts.fr (be tnshrdel 27 30 (20) Prallsuena 28 30 (20) 29 ana cume acrs 30 (20) or Traditional Song Sight Reading and Tarsposition CANE Quick Study e ud g21(14) TOTAL Masiasm (Pans) 150 (100) Total reguired to Pas 100 te Peas with Merit to Pass with Distinction 130 120 bis foren reands the reul of an esminatim hed o12NOV, 2005 and must be ination held oO 00S and must be produced to aceompaniy any enqalry or appeal.,text,font,black and white,paper,line OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Subject: Presented by Grade aime Maro we ene! 30 (20) 오8 30 (20) 30 (20) dApegosSla or 19 aditional Song 21 (14) t Reading Study el wmene ovr 21 (14) Aural Tests Ue n 18 (12) TOTAL 4o 150 100 onarumments -ro-sat灬﹄er dAuf ww.hal p灬ne. Tutal t with ddetPatin eequired to Pass with Meit toht# with Ditinctiin w 130 nn records the renult of an eamination held on SL d as Charity No. 29783 A company ngisterndl with limited lability in England and Wales Ne. 19243 d office 24 Portland Flace Landon WIB ILU Telnphoon 020 763 C 300a and must be pruduced to accompany any enquiry or appeal. Eaminer reference,text,font,music,black and white,paper
EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCTATED BOARD OFTHE ROYAL SGIOOLS OE MUSI ND Candidater Subject: Presented by Grade:5 A2 had u 30 (20) 2 T as a S sofpi s 30 (20) 28 hae bean ea 30 (20) Scales and Arpesgio comaio Arrg3·여 Traditional Song whaaeo rao尸onali mw.caelg| 21 (14) 19 21 (14) (and Tranapositam) out Quick Study 18 Aural Testsomp 18 (12) doitiona Cwents TOTALI 136 Maximum (Pas 150 (100) Total required to Pass 100 to Pans with Merit to Pase with Distinctiom 130 Thits form records the resqait of an examinatin held on 27 NOV,200 and mt brduced to acconmspany any enquiry or aypeal. This form records the reelt of an examination held on Repitervd ฮ ต Charity No. 292182 A conpetty tegistered with limited iability in lngland and Wales No. 1 asseg. Regimered "ffice: 24 rertland Plwe Landas, w1B 1LAJ Telephone 02ถ 7606 5400 Examinet's reference,text,font,line,black and white,paper EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Candidate Subject Presented by: Grade Examiners comments Prepared Works Al 30 (20) 30 (20) 30 (20) Scales and Arpegg ซื้ aitional Song Sight Reading Quick Study l pa 21 0s 21 (14) Aural Tests 18 (12) General remarks TOTAL1 Maxismum (Pas 150 (200) Total required to Pass to Paps with Mecit to Pass with Distinction 100 120 130 This form rvcorde the resalt of an examination heldo 8 DEC 2001ad mst be produced to accompany any emquiry et appes Regietered asa Charity No 292182 A compuny registared with limited liability in England snd Wales No 1926395 Begistered affices 34 Portland Place Landon wiLU Telephone ฮ00%36 5400 Examinr's reference,text,font,black and white,line,paper EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Candidate: Subject: Presented by: Grade rogramme Matks ed at a qese ptau just a slade uove 30 (20) caeugut tue wbod of tuis piete 27 cencraJst wake S al the seui- 30 (20) oes fly held hese 29 be deails of dnauic aud luasug wicaud 30 (20) Scales and Arpeggios 06 Traditional Song w042 21 (14) l6 21 (14) or This Quick Study 13 18 (12) TOTAL 13 a Aural Tests dditional comments 150 (100) en due otal inqaied to las to Pase with Merit histerm records th. resolt of an examination held on ον, 2 and must be produced to acce egistured as a Charity No. 292182 A company recisternd with timised liability in England an4 Wales No. 1926395 egistered ffice: 24 Portland Place Lendon w1B1LU Telephone a2076155400 pen, any enquiry or appeal. Examiner's reference,text,music,font,black and white,line

NEVER GIVE UP,collage,television program,product,photomontage,shoe,collage,font,KAWAI KAWA,collage,KAWAI KAWAI KAWA 4 KABAI KAWAI KAWA,shoe,
長沙灣港鐵站元州街290-296號西岸國際大廈商場一樓117號舖 (長沙灣港鐵站A2出口)
電話:68061711(請致電 / whatsapp預約上課時間)非誠勿擾,謝謝。
HEENG PTANO STUDIO 海倫音樂教室 初級:丽奏級 6806 1711 Miss Na 8061711,door


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