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Comparison of Cheapest iPad Air 2 contract deals

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Comparison of Cheapest iPad Air 2 contract deals

If you think that the cheapest iPad Air 2 contract deals would be no upfront cost deals then you’re wrong. It would be wrong to see a deal from the angle of cost as it includes network services as well. With a deal, you not only get a tablet but also the network services necessary to make the tablet functional.

We’ve summed some of the cheap iPad Air 2 deals for you

Vodafone no upfront money iPad Air 2 24-months contract is on top of our list as it includes no upfront cost. Its highlights are £37 monthly rental and 10GB data free at 4G speed. It is a lucrative contract, if you want to save some money instantly at the time of buying the contract.

Vodafone iPad Air 2 24-month contract at £32 rental and with £9 as upfront cost is another lucrative offer by the leading network service provider. By paying £9 as upfront money, you can save £5 per month and if you calculate this amount for the entire contract period then you’ll find that it is a huge amount. £32 monthly contract provides only 3GB data free at 4G speed. So, if you’ve more data need then you should choose no upfront contract or explore more options.

Network 3 is also one of the cheapest iPad Air 2 contract deals provider. What is it offering is a 24-months contract at £36. The monthly rental is increases by £4 in comparison to Vodafone contract but if you see this deal closely, you’ll find that it has more benefits. Network 3 is offering 5GB data free at 4G speed with this deal. The upfront money could be a cause of concern as it is £29 but the extra data provided with the deal will cover the extra amount.

EE has a 24-month contract for iPad Air 2 buyers and it is the best contract in terms of monthly rental and network services. The monthly rental is fixed at £33 that is lower than the no upfront cost deal of Vodafone and the network service provided are at par with the Vodafone. EE is offering 10GB data at 4G speed with its deal. So with EE, you’ll not only save money but get more data download. Monthly rental EE is charging is £49.99 but it shouldn’t be a concern as the buyers are getting more data to download at high speed.

Which deal to buy?

It is better to buy an expensive iPad Air 2 on contract deal but you need comparing the cheapest iPad Air 2 contract deals offered by various network service providers. Your objective with looking for a contract deal is to save money and you can save money only when you’ve the cheapest deal. So, how would you compare the deals? If monthly rental is a concern then £33 is the best price and if data download is a concern then Vodafone and EE are the best. But if you want more data with cheap rental then network 3 is a good choice.        




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