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Co-fire 專為中小企開設網頁、網上商店和手機App $5800起

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Co-fire 專為中小企開設網頁網上商店手機App,為商戶大大提升競爭力和知名度,建立屬於自己的品牌。



關於我們:  http://co-fire.com


Tel: (852) 97292835



Co-fire  sets up webpageonline store and mobile App for small and medium-sized enterprises. Highly rises the competiveness and popularity of your business, develop a brand that belongs to you.


With an incredibly low cost, you can create your own webpage and mobile App to promote your goods and services.


We possess business that sells a variety of goods and services. As long as you own a small and medium-sized enterprises, we are able to boost your business over an edge on top of the other same field of business.


More about us: http://co-fire.com


If there is any interest please don’t hesitate to contact us, Co-fire  fully support small and medium-sized enterprises!

Tel: (852) 9729 2835


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